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Belgium CD-i Roots at

>> Wednesday, August 29, 2007

One of the first belgium CD-i production came in 1992 when the federal government of Belgium decided to create a CD-i disc about the history and events Belgium has to offer. Belgium, home of the CD-i Test Facility in Hasselt, has a rich history in the world of CD-i but this is the first original CD-i disc from this country. Being the capital of Europe, the disc, named "DISCover Belgium" features information about the history of Belgium, as well as about Politics, culture, art, economy and education of Europe in five different languages. Playable without Digital Video Cartridge (not available in 1992), this is some sort of first generation title on CD-i.

After six months without contact,'s owner Mathias updated the site with the information about "DISCover Belgium". It's nice to see a small update in their CD-i catalogue which was rumoured to become the largest list of all CD-i websites. I'm afraid that will never happen, but at least, with nice updates once a year, at least we get to see some small gems in CD-i land. And, with being a belgium CD-i website, he'll certainly be proud of this! I loved the wonderful index art Mathias created for two years ago, and I hope in the future he will continue this!

"DISCover Belgium" is a small encyclopedia about Belgium, presented at the world exhibition in Sevilla. Information about this title is scarce, but perhaps Mathias will post his review of the title, including some screenshots. I wonder if this "DISCover" thing indicates a series, maybe there were other local releases about other countries as well. For now, Belgium is the only edition I know of. Mathias: "On the DISCover Belgium disc was printed that it was a demo version and that it wasn't for sale, but it looked pretty complete to me. I think what they meant to say is that it's not a commercially available title. I'd like to know if anyone has the same disc WITHOUT the 'demo' notice." Maybe this disc was only used for promotional activities, and no commercial version was pressed. I don't think this was the first belgium CD-i production however: That one goes to "Rules of Golf" by Telecity NV. Do you remember that story?

Mathias continues about DISCover Belgium: "This title seems to be a very hard to find one and might not have been commerciallised. It was produced for the World Fair of 1992 in Sevilla. When you start this disc, after a short animation of the Atomium, one of Belgium's largest national monuments. The Atomium represents an iron molecule structure and was built for the Brussels World Fair in 1958. The disc is divided into eight subjects: history, country and people, economy, state and politics, arts and culture, education and science, tourism and Belgium in Europe. Some of these subjects are themselves divided into groups, like arts and culture, where you can choose between music, literature, paintings, etc.

Each of the subjects you select actually starts an audio sequence, accompanied by a slideshow, illustrating the subject. There is however no way of 'looking things up', like we have in our traditional Interactive encyclopediae, no index or directory to browse through. This makes it more like a presentation of Belgium than a real encyclopedia, as the publishers call it themselves. A presentation maybe, but a very nice one nonetheless. The sequences are all very interesting and I did learn a few things about my home country!"

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Classic Gaming Expo 2007 - CD-i coverage

>> Sunday, August 26, 2007

CD-i is one of the smallest parts in the big world of classic video systems, and we should be very thankful to both Oldergames and GamGator2000 to keep CD-i alive every year at the Classic Gaming Expo 2007 in Las Vegas. The Black Moon Project wasn't there but we still got a few pictures of the CD-i booth to show you the buzz of the Frog Feast auction, all the numbered copies which were there etc and the other CD-i stuff that was for sale and exposition.

Oldergames doen't only support CD-i, but they had a lot of other titles for other systems. Interesting is the pile of Frog Feast CD's lying on the right side of the table. Your copy was here too!

The booth of Gamgator2000, showing us the 490 player which caused all the buzz of the compatibility issues of Frog Feast CD-i on 490 CD-i players. In the end, it all works nevertheless, at least on my 490 player! The 350 portable CD-i player is actually on auction now at ebay!

So, this is a picture of the table with all the stuff being auctioned at the CGE2k7. Here you see Frog Feast CD-i number one, which was won by Gamgator himself.

The lady holding Frog Feast, showing it to the public. This is the very first time Frog Feast CD-i was offered to the public!

An overview of the hall. Where are Oldergames and Gamgator located?

Another shot of the Gamgator2000 booth, exposing the rare Zelda's Adventure to the public.

Look at all our Frog Feast copies on the right! Around 20 copies were sold at the CGE2k7, the rest was for the CD-i community who weren't there!

Have a close look and you'll see Gamgator's avatar (used at the CD-i Forum): a very cool license plate with the letters "CDI'ER".

Gamgator showing us "The Apprentice".

Thanks to Digital Press Forums


Space Ranger CD-i prototype

>> Saturday, August 25, 2007

Space Ranger is a Philips CD-i game that was never officially released and has been gathering dust since the game development project finished. It was a higly anticipated game that, like many other CD-i prototypes, somehow faded into the dark corners of history. Though it appears to have never gone past very Alpha phase Space Ranger even in its young infancy is a very appealing game. OlderGames was proud to bring you this early model of a game that never got to be in 2002. If you like what you see just imagine how great this one could have been if Studio Interactive finished this Steel Machine look-a-like.

Previously unreleased until CGExpo 2002, Space Ranger, which is co-published by Good Deal Games and Older Games. Set in the future, players go on missions to protect Earth from alien intruders. The game is an incomplete alpha-stage release of the first level and contains bugs and glitches, making this release appropriate for those interested in seeing "what could have been."

This game was apparently scheduled to be released from Studio Interactive which appears to be a satellite company from Philips. We know this from some reported catalogue entries of "Space Ranger: Return to Earth" although we know little else about this game. At Classic Gaming EXPO 2002, released this early prototype game and added Alpha to the games title to make sure it's understood that it's not a complete game. A report of problems and bugs from this prototype: 1. Limited Game Menu access. 2. Early developmental version (some glitches, hang-ups). 3. Repeatedly plays only one single level. Verdict: This is an early developmental release and earns the "Alpha" title given to it by The actual title screen has the text "Engineering Test Disc 0.02" indicating an early stage of development. So don't expect a hardcore gaming experience by any means. An interesting release and should only be treated as a curiousity by serious CD-i collectors and gamers alike, at $7.99 can we really argue!!

The title indicates this one supports additional DVC effects, but it's unclear what effects (I'm guessing sound FX, just like with The Apprentice) are included! You can't buy this title via Oldergames anymore, and it's not sure if a re-press is considered. So what is the game about? It offers basically an enhanced gameplay like we know from Steel Machine, a vertically scrolling shooting game. Space ranger, how short it may be, shows some great animation models of the enemy ships, and the movement of your own shuttle goes very smooth. This could have been a very fun shooter. At least it looks like Space Ranger would have been easier to blast through than the insanely difficult Steel Machine levels ;)

Thanks to: Oldergames, The Black Moon Project


Rastersoft CD-i future plans

>> Thursday, August 23, 2007

Frog Feast has a well tested code base, that begins working, on the target system, once a base set of functionality is created. The last couple of releases have begun to specialize Frog Feast for a specific platform (like with the CD-i version). This is probably the approach that will be used with a new game. Another possibility would be to use Frog Feast as a stepping stone onto a new system. The future of Frog Feast still holds a few releases, but we are beginning to look to the future. The future will depend on the work done on Frog Feast, and may involve Frog Feast. Either way, Raster Software will continue to strive to bring games to classic systems." This means we might see another new CD-i game in the future.

"It's been difficult to settle on an idea for the next game. I've considered reworking a PC game that I developed a few years ago. It was developed for a 48 hour contest, and was designed to look like an Activision style game from the Atari 2600 time period. It will need a lot of work to make it into a full game, though. Here's a screenshot of the PC version (the original resolution was 640x480). I've done a little work on redoing the graphics, which you can see in the picture at the top left. The game is a non scrolling shoot-em-up."

I really like the idea of a shooter! His second version of this game is in a vertical perspective, and at the bottom of the screen you see his brand name: RasterVision. You see a picture of it on the right here. Nobody knows whether this is the new project of Rastersoft but the fact he's looking into the future gives a bright forecast to another new CD-i game. Maybe, after his experience on Frog Feast, Super Fighter might return on his agenda?


Family Games 2 PAL/NTSC issue

>> Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Whoever thought CD-i games are compatible with players worldwide without any region code slowly find out a few issues. Recently we've seen Jimmy who discovered some issues with Family Games 2: Junk Food Jive. Jimmy: "Just got my copy of Family Games 2: Junk Food Jive and the minigames that actually scroll (Zapp! and Room Service) weigh the character down to the bottom of the screen and don't allow the use of the "up" button making the games unplayable. Room service even distorts the screen with color bands at the top and bottom! I've tried this on a DVS CD-i, CD-i 450 AND a CD-i 220 and all have the same result. This is the first problem I've ever had with any CD-i game (all Family Games I minigames work for me!) and wonder if these minigames are actually playable? Is it because I'm using a USA region CDi?"

I love it that, with these kind of questions, I'm still learning about CD-i every day, thanks to the guys of the CD-i community. As it seems, there are differences between PAL and NTSC CD-i players, but what that is besides a different resolution, I still don't know. There's only one version of Family Games 2, so there's no difference in a PAL and NTSC release of the game. Devin: "It sounds like a possible NTSC/PAL issue. Although pretty much all CD-i games were designed to function on both NTSC and PAL systems I'm aware of some issues, but this is very rare indeed. You could put it to the test as the DVS has an NTSC/PAL switch. However I'm not sure if American TVs support the PAL standard at all. Here in Europe it's quite common for TVs to support both NTSC and PAL video standards with a simple A/V composite hockup."

According to cdifan (our CD-i guru) the technical difference between PAL and NTSC players is only the resolution (560 versus 480 lines, respectively) and the display frequency (50 Hz versus 60 Hz). However, this can impact on games in major ways. It all depends on how a game is programmed. I know for a fact that Alien Gate plays differently on different TV standards (NTSC is either slower or faster then PAL; it depends on the version) and the same is probably true for other games as well. Jimmy: "The massive color bands that appear at top and bottom as soon as I move suggest something is wrong. I tried the PAL/NTSC switch on the DVS CD-i player and the screen turned black and white and started rolling! I was able to make my way into the Doom service minigame and it seems to work. I didn't know there were region differences this significant in any CD-i game. At least I know what I have to do to play the game now. A word of warning to future NTSC gamers who want to play this game!"


Dutch Exclusive "Nationale Spellingwedstrijd" by DIMA

>> Monday, August 20, 2007

Perhaps The Netherlands has the most local releases of every country: Sport Freaks (by SPC Vision), Domino, De Zaak van Sam. Remarkably also quite a few word-games. For our dutch readers: Do you remember Lingo, Lettergreep and the one I'm highlighting in this post: "De Nationale Spellingwedstrijd"? That's what our dutch television was broadcasting in the ninetees: A competition between teams about the best spelling grade. Dictation on CD-i. Famous dutch presentor "Ivo Niehe" is the host. There are four difficulty levels and 3000 words to spell. This is edutainment how Philips meant it to be.

Dutch broadcaster "TROS" made the program "Nationale Spellingwedstrijd" in 1992 and in 1995 a digital game on CD-i was created. Just like in the USA with game shows like "Jeopardy" and "The Joker's Wild". The nice touch of this game is that it has a license to use the "Van Dale" dictionary, a well-known brand of dictionaries here in The Netherlands. It's also a game that you can play with two players, which is really the most fun option of the whole game. Testing your grammar against your friend is really fun, just like in the way "Brain Training does it right now on the Nintendo DS.

Another detail is the involvement of DIMA, who basically built the game engine. DIMA is the company who we know from our beloved "Family Games" titles and Christmas Crisis, and DIMA later was changed into Creative Media: Christmas Country, Tetsuo Gaiden.

When we start the CD-i, we are welcomed by Ivo Niehe who is showing us 'his' school, the place where we will hang out during our visit. There is a hall with a number of doors. Each door has a function, as well as different objects in the hall. At the "Administration" door you can control the number of players, you can enter the name of each player etcetera. Using the telephone you can call for Ivo's help. You can also enter the words by using the keyboard, or by using multiple choice answers. The gallery door will give access to pictures about the television program and photos of the previous winners of the game (on television). When you walk up the chair, the game will start. Now you can choose between four classes, each representing a difficulty level (Class 1 is easy, class 4 is difficult). Now, click on the cassette recorder and you'll hear your first word. Depending on the time you set at the administration, you have to be quick typing the word on-screen. You have ten words in each round and you can go for 50 points each game. The high scores are saved into the memory of your player. Playing alone, you'll be done with the game fairly easy, but it shines when you play it with a friend. It's pretty rare, so if you see a copy, try to buy it! And, I'd be happy to add some screenshots to this, so if you can help me with that, thanks!


Frog Feast CD-i Source Code & Build Process

>> Sunday, August 19, 2007

Now that the CD-i version of Frog Feast has been finished, Charles Doty takes it to the next level by supporting the CD-i Homebrew with the source code of Frog Feast! This is, since two years, the first update for the first CD-i Homebrew site of Charles, at Emuvibes. I'm sure the interest exists for homebrew coding on CD-i it's just the understanding appears to be lacking. I truly hope the release of this source code will help programmers have some fun on CD-i! Maybe even the odd game or two wouldn't go a miss if they're as robust as Frog Feast.

The code is up at: and Charles will post more details about the build process soon. This is the simplified source code for Frog Feast for the CD-i. All of the routines, except audio playback, are included. The source code demonstrates using the CD-RTOS for game development on the CD-I system. Last weekend CD-i Fan has reviewed the code. Charles will write up the documentation on building the code, and creating a CD.

Charles: "Once the code is posted I will try to answer any questions relating to the CD-i, code or, build process. I am definitely not an expert on the CD-i, but will attempt to find an answer."


Interview with Charles Doty

>> Friday, August 17, 2007

Devin pinned Charles Doty down for a brief interview all about the game, why coding for CD-i kicks ass and hopefully bring a little spark to CD-i Homebrew! In a matter of weeks the CD-i scene was truly humbled by Charles Dotys efforts bringing his multi-platform game Frog Feast to our little black box of tricks. Following years of on/off development with the programmer Charles Doty teasing us through his RasterSoft Blog, Frog Feast was finally finished and released in time for the 2007 Classic Gaming Expo held in Las Vegas at the end of July. Frog Feast is based upon 'Frog Bog', a game created by Mattel for the Intellivision and later appeared on the Atari 2600, inspirationally called 'Frogs and Flies'! As a two-player game, Frog Feast ticks all the right boxes with simplistic accessable gameplay and maddeningly addictive. Everything a CD-i game should be!

Interactive Dreams selected some teaser parts of the interview which you can find right here! Charles Doty, the developer of Frog Feast, gives away some details behind the scenes: "The CD-i was one of a group of CD based systems that seemed feasible to release software on; producing CDs is cheaper and easier than cartridges. I contacted OlderGames a very long time ago and started work on Neo Geo and Sega CD versions of Super Fighter. These didn't progress very far; as I didn't really have the project experience to pull off a game of this size. Once Frog Feast started to progress I contacted R.W. about marketing the game. The CD-i community has been really supportive of the game. The coverage on forums, websites and blogs is very impressive. I've received e-mails or private messages from a lot of people supporting the game. It's been a really positive experience and definitely fed the ego!

Devin: "You mentioned on the RasterSoft blog after waxing lyrical about the CD-i version that 'I'll be back'. Can we finally expect the legend of PONG on CD-i or maybe something even better?"

Charles: "I think I'll pass on the PONG game. I want to do a fairly complex game next. The big problem with Frog Feast is that it appeals mainly to die hard fans of 'Frog Bog' ('Frogs and Flies') or die hard fans of the systems. A more complex game should appeal to more people."

Click here to read the full interview!
Charles Doty was interviewed by Devin. To see more of Frog Feast try the demo available from RasterSoft, under the Philips CD-i section. Alternatively you can dive straight in and buy a copy from OlderGames at the following link. As always more information is available from the Black Moon Games Archive on Frog Feasts game page.


Compact Disc celebrates 25th anniversary

Today, August 17, 2007, it's been exactly 25 years since the first compact disc was pressed. This first generation of the (audio) CD ofcourse is the start of what will become the biggest data carrier of videogames. It also marks the existence of CD-i because CD-i remains the ancestor of virtually everything around CD based gaming. I think it's remarkable that Philips, the inventor of the compact disc, doesn't spread a word about this. Typical like the 'changing' Philips doesn't want to be remembered to these historical inventions. Still, worldwide over 200 billion CD's have been pressed since 1982, and this will be the most significant invention made by Philips yet. So, along with Philips daughter Magnavox introducing videogaming to the world with the Odyssey, how else can we be proud of Philips being such a huge part of the videogaming world, while probably nobody even realizes! They still hold up a small part in the gaming scene by introducing its amBX peripherals this month (why does it all take so long!). I don't know if the impact will be as big as with the CD, but I still love the innovation Philips tries to put through!


The Frog Feast CD-i 490 play-back issue *update 17/8*

>> Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Yesterday I saw the auction of Gamgator about Frog Feast (27/50), which has been sold already over 40 copies out of the 50 signed copies available since CGE07. Number 1/50 was on auction at CGE, if you are the winner, I'd like to chat with you! Anyway, if you ask me, Frog Feast is selling well! Something that wasn't clear to me was about one comment in his auction: "PLEASE READ: This title will not play back on Philips model CDI490 players!" I remember Charles mentioning some multiplayer issues on players that require the splitter (the 4xx series that don't have a second controllerport on board). But I thought everything was working, according to his blog! Charles, the developer of Frog Feast, explains:

The game wasn't tested on a US CD-i 470, due to a problem reading CD-Rs. I do know it was tested on a Magnavox CD-i 550 and a Philips CD-450. These units both use the Roboco board, which is supposed to be the same chipset as the CD-i 470/490. I would guess there is some other problem with the CD-i 490. [The multiplayer issue] was based on some information posted by CD-i Fan. From what I gathered, the only time a splitter won't work is if there are already two ports on the unit. The only problem I noted was using a mouse on the CD-i 450. But, this was also a problem with Rise of the Robots.

However, Gamgator and Oldergames tested the CD's sold at CGE2K7 and they did not work on three different CDI490 players they had for sale. They did not have any problems playing them on: CDI220, CDI910 & Radio Shack 910 Clone, CDI350 as well as the SONY portable I sold. RW was to look into the brand of CD's they used . . . I've not heard back from him since CGE2K7 . . . So that's why he added the "Not for CDI490" for now.

So, it may look like the problem is caused by a low quality or just wrong chosen CD-R brand Oldergames used for publishing. The test version of Frog Feast runs perfect on my 490 player (brand: Philips) - How could the game itself go wrong if the demo runs fine? According to Gamgator the Frog Feast CD-i discs weren't recognized by the 490 player as a CD-i disc, so they couldn't even be started. It seems the other Oldergames titles including Plunderball didn't work on a 490.

Apparently, out of the test panel I'm the only one having a CD-i 490 player, so I got the original ISO to test it on my own brand of CDR. Just an hour ago I burnt the game and tested it on my 490.

The only thing left is to test the original game, which should arrive within a few days. We've got numbers 34 and 36; let's see if they will work on my player. I'm doubting if there is a difference between PAL and NTSC players. Moreover, the 490 is virtually the same as the 470, as far as I know. But I don't have a 470 player to test this. If one of you know this, please let us know.

*UPDATE* - I just tested the original ISO of the game (burnt on a Philips CDR) and the game runs FLAWLESS. So I'm pretty much convinced the type of CDR is the key here. I hope Oldergames is able to use different types of CDR Media and then all their CD-i Media would be compatible with all players. When you have a 490 or a 470, maybe Charles can tell us if we are able to rip the disc and create a copy yourself, so you can at least play the game on the 490 player. I think the results of the original disc are obvious then, but anyway, my test results will be posted as soon as possible.

If you've ordered Frog Feast and have a 490 (like me) don't worry, the game will play on it, just make a copy ;) Or are the discs copy-protected? I'll find out :D

Update 17/8: I just received my original copy number 34/50, and you know what... It plays again flawless on my 490. I tried it twenty times, and my player recognized the disc twenty times as a normal cd-i, and played the game without any issue. This leaves me with some questions, like what's the difference between their 490 and my 490? Borman also tested Frog Feast on a 490: "the game doesnt load that well on my CD-i 490 player either. But it did load after a few tries Smile My disk is number 4/50 if that matters any. But yeah, it does work! I even took some screenshots. Having some issues with my recording setup otherwise Id have a video up as well, and Charles agreed to a short interview via Email so look for that soon". So, I don't have any problems. And I don't know what kind of issues Gamgator and Borman are having now, and why.

Thanks to all the guys supporting: Charles, Oldergames, Gamgator.


New Dutch CD-i Website open for business

>> Tuesday, August 14, 2007

After the news that our own Black Moon Store will close its doors within the coming months, I was notified at a fairly new CD-i website simply named the "CD-i Shop". Pleasantly surprising this is a very complete website offering a full catalogue of software titles and hardware peripherals at very low prices. You can even buy CD-i players here. The website is very professional and every item is pictured in detail. The arrival of a new dutch CD-i initiative always gives me a warm heart, thinking of the lost "CD-i Fanclub Nederland" which was launched in 2003.

The CD-i Shop is an initiative by Richard Topelen, and it's property of DMG Media. Obviously a lot of work has been put into this, and it's just that the website is in dutch that makes it a difficult to access for non-dutch readers. Ofcourse Interactive Dreams is willing to act as a middle man to boost this website, a lovely initiative which I've spammed enough for now ;) I'll close with the dutch words of CD-i Shop: "Alle artikelen op deze site zijn GEBRUIKT! Ze zijn wel in NETTE staat, Niet goed? Geld terug garantie! PHILIPS Compact Disc Interactive, Let's make things better!"

Thinking of the CD-i Fanclub Nederland, do you remember this website by Terratron, the guy who was also behind the dutch page and who is (hopefully) still working on his CD-i Technical Archive? I'm convinced he will return to the scene in the future, the only question remains "when". One thing is for sure, Interactive Dreams will be there ;)


First Frog Feast CD-i review arrived (+audio)

>> Monday, August 13, 2007

Omegalfa from Le Monde du CD-i -the name change has again been delayed- has reviewed his copy of Frog Feast. It's great to see this place loves CD-i as no-one else, and it shows! Omegalfa: "it looks like a DVD box with a big "CD-i" logo on the left side, just perfect and the cover design gives a youth touch for our old machine! The CD is numbered and the one I have is number 24/50. The welcome page [has] 3 options on a wild background with a giant logo which says "Frog Feast": 1 player, 2 players, Exit." Interactive Dreams takes on a summary.

The full review is available here. Omegalfa continues: "You can walk from a side of the feast to the other using the water, you can place your frog anywhere on the sheet for a calculated jump, you can catch 2 or more flies in the same jump (If you're as good as I am ;).

Each game is 1:30min long. You have a remaining timer in the middle bottom screen. Each fly give you 1 point. To catch a fly you use button 1, as I can see button 2 is not used in the game. On the background you can see the day going to night as long as the time is remaining. This is a great effect! Pause is not available, this is maybe the big bad point of [the whole] game."

This is just a small part of the review, so if you have a log-in for Le Monde du CD-i, go visit! Last but not least, have a look at the credits screen which is worth a note not just because this is the only version of Frog Feast having one, but also because we are in it! Thanks to Charles for this great game, my own copy will follow very soon I hope!

A last quote by djkoelkast, who also just got his Frog Feast copy: "I love the soundtrack, too bad there is no in-game music but the animations look smooth, playing is good, nice detail that the sky gets darker every time"

Charles even released the Frog Feast intro tune, click below to hear:

You can buy your own copy of Frog Feast CD-i right here!

This review is written by Omegalfa, thumbs up for his great article!


CD-i: I Want One!

>> Sunday, August 12, 2007

Philips hyped the CD-i format with a special movie named "I Want One". The disc itself is a cdi disc and has a 4 minute presentation on the cdi and what is available for it. the 6 big sqaure cards are as follows: to set up the pos display
2.the role of cdi in home cinema catalogue, best sellers
4.all contact numbers for phlips out of croyden, uk
5.a price list for systems and promotional packs for march of 1995
6.information on the pcd-i card, to play cd-i games on your pc!
The CD-i Demo Press Kit seems pretty rare, but the video is available below, including pictures of the kit. This kit shows some of the very first published material of Creature Shock on CD-i!

Videos thanks to Databits, Pictures courtesy of Captain_J


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Jack Sprite vs. The Crimson Ghost - PF Magic
Jeopardy - Accent Media
Jigsaw - Novalogic
Joe Guard - DIMA
John Dark: Psychic Eye - CapDisc
Joker's Wild!, The - Accent Media
Joker's Wild Jr., The - Accent Media
Kether - Infogrames
Kingdom - The far reaches - CapDisc
Kingdom 2 - Shadoan - CapDisc
Labyrinth of Crete - Philips Funhouse
Laser Lords - Spinnaker
Last Bounty Hunter, The - CapDisc
Legend of the Fort - Microids
Lemmings - DMA Design / Psygnosis
Lettergreep - Wigant Interactive Media
Lingo - SPC Vision
Link - The faces of evil - Animation Magic
Lion King, The - Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Litil Divil - Gremlin Graphics
Litil Divil 2: Limbo Years - Gremlin Graphics
Lords of the rising sun - Philips POV
Lost Eden - Cryo (for Virgin)
Lost Ride, The - Formula (Lost Boys)
Lucky Luke - The video game - SPC Vision
Mad Dog McCree - CapDisc
Mad Dog McCree II: The lost gold - CapDisc
Magic Eraser - Circle (for ZYX)
Mah-Jong - Japan Interactive Media
Making the Grade - 3T Productions
Man Before Man - Cryo
Marco Polo - Infogrames
Mario Takes America - CIGAM
Master Labyrinth - AVM AG/HQ
Mega Maze - CapDisc
Memory Works, The - Compact Disc Incorporated
Merlin's Apprentice - Philips Funhouse
Microcosm - Philips Freeland Studios
Micro Machines - Codemasters
Monty Python's Invasion from the Planet Skyron - Daedalus CD-i Productions
Mutant Rampage - Body Slam - Animation Magic
Myst - Sunsoft (for Cyan)
Mystic Midway - Rest in pieces - Philips POV
Mystic Midway 2 - Phantom Express - Philips POV

Compact Disc Interactive

Compact Disc Interactive

Games N-Z

Name that tune - Philips Fantasy Factory
New Day - Bits Corporation
NFL Hall of Fame Football - Philips POV
Othello - HMO
Pac Panic - Philips ADS / Namco
Palm Springs Open - ABC Sports / Fathom Pictures
Pool - SPC Vision
Pinball - CapDisc
Plunderball - ISG Productions
Power Hitter - ABC Sports / Fathom Pictures
Power Match - Two's Company
Pursue - BEPL
Pyramid Adventures - Compact Disc Incorporated
RAMRaid - PRL Redhill
Return To Cybercity - Fathom Pictures
Riddle of the Maze, The - Fathom Pictures
Riqa - Bits Corporation
Rise of the Robots - Mirage Technologies
Sargon Chess - Spinnaker
Scotland Yard Interactive - AVM AG/HQ
Secret Mission - Microids
Secret Name of Ra, The
Shaolin's Road - Infogrames
Skate Dude - Viridis
Smurfen, De - De Telesmurf - Infogrames
Solar Crusade - Infogrames
Solitaire - BEPL
Space Ace - Superclub / INTL CDI
Space Ranger - Studio Interactive
Special Operations Squadron - SPC Vision
Sport Freaks - SPC Vision
Star Trek - Philips POV
Star Wars: Rebel Assault - LucasArts
Steel Machine - SPC Vision
Striker Pro - Rage
Strip Poker Live - Greenpig Production
Strip Poker Pro - Interactive Pictures
Super Fighter - The Super Fighter Team / C&E
Super Mario's Wacky Worlds - NovaLogic
Surf City - Philips Sidewalk Studios
Tangram - Eaglevision Interactive Productions
Taco's Toyroom Troopers - Creative Media
Tankdoodle - Creative Media
Tetris - Philips POV
Tetsuo Gaiden - Creative Media
Text Tiles
Thieves' World - Electronic Arts
Tic-tac-toe - BEPL
Tox Runner - ISG Productions
Treasures of Oz - Philips Kaleidoscope
Ultra CD-i Soccer - Krisalis
Uncover featuring Tatjana - SPC Vision
Uninvited - Icom Simulations
Video Speedway - ISG Productions
Vinnie the Pinguin - Pandemonium Labs
Voyeur - Philips POV
Voyeur 2 - Philips POV
Whack-a-Bubble - Creative Media
What's it worth - Marshall Cavendish Multimedia / Spice
Who shot Johnny Rock? - CapDisc
Wordplay - BEPL
World Cup Golf - US Gold
Zaak Sam, De - Toneelschool NL
Zelda - The wand of Gamelon - Animation Magic
Zelda's Adventure - Viridis
Zenith - Radarsoft
Zombie Dinos From The Planet Zeltoid - Philips POV

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