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Cluedo: 3T's best value on CD-i

>> Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cluedo, known as Clue in the USA, is a popular board game with a murder mystery theme. The CD-i version makes full use of Digital Video to present the viewer with a challenging game. By interviewing real characters and using a process of deduction the viewers must play against each other to find the murderer, the murder weapon and the murder room, and correctly accuse the culprit. In 1994, 3T Productions developed one of the best games that were ever released on the Philips CD-i (but then it didn't have much competition!). The disc contained 3 mysteries - "The Hooded Madonna", "Happy Ever After" and "Deadly Patent" - in which you could move around the rooms, interview the suspects and try to work out who killed Mr. Boddy. A cut down version of "Deadly Patent" made it onto the PC in the Cluedo CD-Rom Computer Game (released in 1996).

The Cast:

* Mrs White - Joan Sims
* Mrs Peacock - Susan Wooldridge
* Professor Plum - David Healy
* Mr Green - Stuart Milligan
* Colonel Mustard - John Standing
* Miss Scarlet - Nicola Van Dam
* Mr Boddy - Angus MacInnes
* The Butler - Terence Harvey

There are quite a lot of CD-i game featuring a live cast, like The 7th Guest and Zelda's Adventure. Here the people are pasted in a virtual setting. Cluedo offered a full movie scene, just like the screens of the American laser Games, including Mad Dog McCree and The Last Bounty Hunter. The use of Digital Video is very suitable for a game like Cluedo, and you'll continuously watch for details along the way.

Due to the popularity (in CD-i terms) of the first set of mysteries; The Mysteries Continue was released in 1995 with the stories : "Road to Damascus" "Blackmail" and "Not In My Backyard". These used the same actors as in the first game and again was filmed at Arley Hall (where the British TV Series was also filmed). Cut down versions of "Road to Damascus" and "Blackmail" made it onto the PC in the Cluedo CD-Rom Computer Game. The CD-ROM version was also produced by 3T Productions, once it didn't get any money by Philips anymore to produce CD-i material. Still it's impressing how many titles 3T has produced for CD-i including an exlusive game for BP (The gas/oil company!)

In 1996, Hasbro Interactive released their first Cluedo PC CD-Rom game. This was a conversion of the Cluedo CDi and Cluedo : The Mysteries Continue CDi games. Three different mysteries were released - one on each of the 3 CD-Roms. Advertised as having 12 Mysteries; what they actually meant is that there were 3 "episodes" (Deadly Patent, The Road to Damascus, and Blackmail) with 4 skill levels (each having a different solution). Like the CDi originals, this version involved live actors and first- person 3-D views of Arlington Hall; but lost some features - for example the suspect interviews were changed from video clips to just sound samples.

Note: "Deadly Patent" is converted from Cluedo CDi. "Road to Damascus" and "Blackmail" are converted from Cluedo : The Mysteries Continue CDi.

3T Productions did not just develop the Cluedo games on CD-i (although these games were considered the best out of 3T's portfolio. 3T was also responsible for "Do you remember the '60s?" (1996), the rare "Kiss" (1993) and "Making The Grade". Unfortunately, I never managed to get in touch with some former employees from 3T Productions, but my eyes will be always open ;)

3T Productions still exists by the way, one of the few companies who produced CD-i titles. They received various awards for their CD-i titles, most notably the CD-i version of Cluedo was awarded during the "International Cdi Association Awards" in 1993 in the catagory "Best Adult Home Entertainment". This was a Gold Award for "Best use of Technology in a Home Entertainment Title". We'll have a review ready of Cluedo / Clue on CD-i soon!

Thanks to Cluedofan


Terratron's CD-i Technical Archive: '404'

As one of the former CD-i enthusiasts, Terratron was responsible for the dutch CD-i eigenstart portal and the open source activities at Le Monde du CD-i. In 2004, he started the dutch "CD-i Fanclub Nederland" and finally he bundled all his efforts in CD-i in his own CD-i Technical Archive until February 2007. After this month, everything was locked behind a 'coming soon' screen with some updates behind the scene in March. But, in September 2007, the server was cleaned and now everything is gone. Good to see Terratron is still a regular visitor of Interactive Dreams, but unfortunately no words arrive about his CD-i website. Terratron in 2006: "It is indeed a website I was building and filling with hardware related documents. I wasn't ready yet. The repair service is maybe an option. First I have many other things (private things) to do. There will be some service from TerraTron PC Service, but wait, it's all in the pencil." Along with the currently unavailable "CD-i Collective" (The domain name has expired!) we can add this to the list of CD-i projects that are not going to happen, unfortunately.


Final Days of GamGator2000 CD-i Sales

Gamgator2000 announced he will stop continuing his CD-i Store at eBay. Glenn: "Well, tomorrow everybody and their brother will see the beginning of the end on eBay! Yes, since it all began in December of 1999, time has taken its toll... As a fellow CDI'ER myself since the early 90's, I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Tomorrow I'm starting all CD-i auctions at 50% off. As the weeks go by, so will the %'s. Many titles are limited! If you see something you cannot live without, buy it soon! All left over inventory will be given to a local charity ... Thanks again for keeping CDI Alive in 2007!" This was the second big CD-i retailer along with the Black Moon CD-i Store, which will also close its door soonly. Don't forget the dutch CD-i Shop for a nice collection of second hand CD-i titles....

Visit Gamgator2000's CD-i Store here.


New Rastersoft CD-i Development

>> Friday, September 28, 2007

Charles Doty, the programmer of Frog Feast CD-i, is a busy man: Considering lots of new ideas for the future of Rastersoft, while today this advertisement reached our way, promoting the CD-i version even more. Charles: "I'm pondering the future direction of RasterSoft and how to bring some quality games to the CD-I. Developing homebrew games on a non-commercially viable system does has some limitations; we do not have the time or resources to produce a full scale commercial style release. To compensate for this we want to keep the price as low as possible, narrow the focus to produce the highest quality game and, spread the cost over several game systems. I am trying to determine if the Mastertronic model, of producing smaller games at a 'smaller' price, would fit in the homebrew market. I have looked into the possibility of doing a Super Offroad type game, and found some decent material to base the game on. I like the vehicles, I just need to find a good tileset or 3D model for the backgrounds.

[At the top] There's an ad I threw together for the Frog Feast game (Scaled down from print resolution): The ad was slightly inspited by Kemco ads from the early 90's."


The "Meaning of Life" CD-i Informercial (30 minutes) is here!

>> Sunday, September 23, 2007

Once the parade of Captain J's quest on Digital Press, the "Meaning of Life"CD-i Infomercial is the worlds longest CD-i advertising video featuring a guy learning everything about CD-i in 30 minutes. Lots of interesting video spots go by in this one and it's finally available to everyone. in the early 1990's when the philips cd-i came out there was an infomercial that they used to play (remember those middle of the night informercials at 3 in the morning when nothing was on?) late at night for the cd-i. it was about a half hour to an hour and it was just a man (named Phil, obviously short for Philips) sitting in a dark room with a cd-i and a "god" voice talking about the "meaning of life" being the cd-i (which is what insiders call the infomercial). it basically shows him various cd-i titles and convinces him to buy one.

Thanks to Discopizza


The Missing "8th Hotel" Mario Levels

>> Saturday, September 22, 2007

I love this game if you hadn't noticed from the Trici Venola Interview! Much like The Apprentice it's full of secrets. One however eludes me and it's that of a missing 8th hotel. Apparently rumor has it that this hotel is accessible only by completing the game in under an hour. Now I'm good but not THAT good! Can anyone confirm this hotel exists?

Polas unveils some evidence: "Yes, I'm aware of the rumor of an eighth hotel, as well as the entry on GameFAQs that outlines how to reach it. I have reason to believe it may exist. Number 1, there's a small space on the map screen to the right of Bowser's Hotel where an eighth one could ostensibly fit. Two, the other trick listed on the GameFAQs page does work; there really is a warp zone in 3-5!

Going through the ISO files, not one I found on the net but my actual Hotel Mario disc, that's what I found. Unfortunately, my obscure early-90's fringe system hacking skills aren't what they used to be, and I was unable to get any further after a few dead ends. Now, you might say, "Polas! Why don't you just try to beat the game in under an hour?!" To which I would ask you to please press your face firmly against the monitor. If you feel a sharp stinging sensation, my AIM Transfer Slap-o-matic is finally operational. I've done many maddening things in the name of bringing you to corners of gamedom you would otherwise never dare to travel, but even Polas has his limits. Not only is the task itself daunting, but there's no in-game clock that actually informs you if you're beating this damn game in the time required."

If anyone figures out how to access the fabled 8th Hotel, or can disprove its existence, by any means, post it here!

Thanks to: Polas


Raleigh's CD-i prototype kiosks (1996)

>> Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Here's something interesting. Raleigh Interactive has prototyped several low-cost CD-i kiosk systems in 1995/1996, a time when CD-i was already dropped by most companies. These kiosks were used by Raleigh to promote their own products by means of their own developed CD-i disc in the UK. It was brought to my attention thanks to the Flickr photo-album of 'Dreamtargets'. "Raleigh bikes print and multimedia creative from the late 1990s. Raleigh's low-cost TV and CDi-based interactive point-of-sale units developed by CHC Multimedia, Nottingham, were first rolled out to UK dealers in 1995. At the time, CD mastering and digital video encoding was such a arduous task, that it was necessary to enlist the expertise of a specialist programmer at a facility near Cambridge to have the disks mastered. I preferred the wall mounted prototype for the CDi-based Raleigh Interactive point-of-sale system, but it was the mobile floor standing model that proved most popular and was eventually made available to UK retailers. Both models were used here at Raleigh's annual product launch in Harrogate in 1996."

I've only seen the official Philips CD-i kiosks to promote all commercial CD-i titles, but I've never seen these point-of-sale kiosks specifically made by companies accompanying their products. I think Raleigh Interactive did a great job designing these low-cost innovative selling systems, but in the end I don't think it was all a great success :( I'd like that wall model in my home, though ;) The product was developed for their own CD-i called "The 1996 Range" and you can find a lot of pictures from that disc, along with some promotional material of CD-i used by Raleigh, in the link posted above.

Thanks to: Dreamtargets


Philips develops new software

>> Thursday, September 6, 2007

Philips Software is the 'leftover' of what we know as the bright developers of the CD-i game "Atlantis: The Last Resort" and ofcourse Ram Raid Online on CD-i. PRL Redhill is to launch some new software products, with some people who were also involved in the link with Philips ADS and the Atlantis project. Including a few plans which never materialised during their CD-i era like Video on Demand and the CD-Online set-top boxes, they'll release a guide to Personal TV Channels, orientated on PC platforms. The launch is set at early 2008, and with more content-related material Philips Software makes a return to the consumer market. Philips: "Integrated into a regular set-top box, this technology makes it simple to enjoy the wealth of content available on TV, video-on-demand services and Internet today. It automatically learns your preferences and favorite TV programs and uses that to add new, personal channels to your TV." Video on Demand was a hot topic for Philips to push CD-i to the market but it was far ahead of its time. Thanks to outsourcing and investments like in Tivo, this is a little derived from CD-i but launched today ;)


More stories from the Philips FunHouse Studio

>> Sunday, September 2, 2007

It's a great honor to meet the original developers of CD-i software and thankfully they were involved with the format full of love. The best thing that can happen is that they are getting excited by our website's material and start the conversation. Some of the best interviews available at the vault of The Black Moon Project started like this. So it went with some of the FunHeads, the guys behind the Philips Funhouse Studio and how they were called by their supervisor: Cliff Johnson. We have the pleasure to share some more stories of Funhouse behind the scene, featuring one of the FunHeads: Gordon Brooks.

First a little flashback of Philips Funhouse, told by founder Cliff Johnson: "I shall always love Philips for handing this Fool $4 million dollars to build a team to create and complete three lovingly hand-crafted, puzzle-driven products, the latter two were the kind of Hollywood feature-animation films I’d never made in Hollywood. It should be noted that Hanna-Barbera’s Cartoon Carnival was Philips’ most popular title — I have the royalty statements to prove it! And though Philips gave up the ghost on CD-I in 1996, it is some consolation that CD-I sold more units than 3DO, a similar machine spawned by Electronic Arts whiz, Trip Hawkins.

Hanna-Barbera’s Cartoon Carnival was the first CD-I game to take advantage of Philips’ highly touted Full Motion Video cartridge. You could play Huckleberry Hound’s Gift Emporium, The Flintstones’ Balloon Ballyhoo, Scooby Doo’s Adventure Isle, Yogi Bear’s Pic-A-Nik Place, The Jetsons’ Space Race, and Top Cat’s Top Facts to earn letters. Once you earned all 15 letters of the words CARTOON CARNIVAL, one of 60 classic cartoon clips is your reward. Merlin’s Apprentice is a challenging tale of medieval sorcery in which you aspire to become apprentice to that great wizard Merlin. Yet you must work through many enchantments and outwit a threesome of clever demons to win his favor.

Labyrinth of Crete is a challenging tale of Greek mythology in which you must appease both the King and Queen of Mt. Olympus. Yet you must conquer the treachery within the walls of the labyrinth and seek the gifts of the Gods and Goddesses who await you in their sacred temples. *FunHouse* was my production group at Philips and is best remembered by Brian Allgeier’s outrageous Christmas Cards. Our specialty was puzzle games with sumptuous hand-drawn animation and rousing musical accompaniment. We were the first stop when international visitors toured the Philips facility (which seemed almost daily).

My CD-I career as Director/Producer began when Sarina Simon approached me to do Hanna Barbera’s Cartoon Carnival, ostensibly the same concept as another product I had designed — Disney’s Cartoon Arcade. I set to work on Cartoon Carnival as a team of one, programming the concept in Hypercard in a tiny office on the second floor near the men’s room. I soon created Hypercards for Merlin’s Apprentice and Labyrinth of Crete as well and they, too, were green-lighted. Yet I’d garnered a $4,000,000 budget and had no staff whatsoever to create the projects. That’s how *FunHouse* came to be. It began as 8 determined FunHeads — Gordon Brooks, Paul Mithra, Brian Allgeier, Doran Fish, Brad Parker, Kelly Holthaus, Clayton Wishoff, and myself — and at its peak, swelled to over 30 artists, animators, and programmers."

Gordon Brooks has been featured before in Interactive Dreams with his Funhouse story. Today I'm particularly intrested in what happened to Funhouse after 1996, when Philips decided to pull the plug out of all its media divisions, including Philips Funhouse. Gordon: "We had started a little bit of development on three other titles, an original interactive story called "The Big Old House," a music disc based on the songs of children's singer-songwriter Joe Scruggs (we had even met with Joe at CES to discuss the project), and an interactive simulation of "The Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy," about which I had been corresponding via email with the late Douglas Adams."

What happened to Surf City, a Philips Sidewalk production which had the longest development time of all your titles?

"When you first asked, nothing came to mind, so I pulled out an FPD I have and took a look to refresh my memory. That title is enormous! There is so much animation, and so many complicated moves, and so many things to click on, that ever with many of the games being recycled from older Sidewalk titles, it was just too much project for one small group. And I recall the Art Director, Alex (can't think of his last name as the moment) beings something of a bottleneck when I worked with him."

When I have a look at the release schedule I notice Labyrinth Of Crete was released in 1997, but the copyright was from 1995. What happened in those years?

"Philips Media folded in 1996, so that 1997 release was probably the CD-ROM version. I think the CDi version was probably released just as we were all leaving Philips, but the copyright would have been dated when the title was finished rather that when it was released."

"I am very interested to find out more about your project and its purpose, and I would be glad to tell you anything else I can remember. Are you more interested in the people, the technology, the production techniques, or something else? Please contact me whenever you wish. Although CDi was a commercial failure, I recognize much of our groundwork in the interactive titles being done today, and I'm proud to have been a part of it."

Actually, we're fully dedicated to Philips CD-i and every story, anecdote and trivia related to CD-i we all highly appreciate (regarding the visitor stats!). Today, we're trying to share more information about one of the Funhouse prototype software titles: Treasures of Oz. Gordon:

"David McElhatten was the ultimate CDi insider, at least in the California studio. I don't thin much of anything went on there that he didn't know about. There shouldn't be a problem using any of the "Treasures of Oz" visuals; as far as I know, they belong to Philips, unless those rights were assigned to PMPro later, and even then I think it falls under the category of Fair Use. If you have any occasion to use any portion of the soundtrack, however, I'm not clear what the situation would be with the Diana Ross voice-overs; safest I think just to skip over those.

You'll learn a lot more about Oz just by playing it, although I realized when you asked the question that you might not be familiar with the origins of the story other than the MGM musical. Treasures of Oz is based on L. Frank Baum's "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz," the first of 14 books he wrote about the magical land. The series was very popular in the US, and generated some interesting imitators in Russia, but never seems to have caught on in Europe. If you are interested in reading the book, you can download a free copy from Project Gutenberg (the Oz books are in the public domain).

To answer the rest of your questions, Oz does not require a DV cartridge, and a diagonal pan is a scene where the camera seems to move in a diagonal direction. Easy to do in live action or traditional animation, but a difficult feat in CDi. Treasure of Oz is the only CD-i title that features diagonal scrolling, something that seemed impossible in the first years of CD-i."

A flashback through the Philips Media employee list brings back memories: "One name I wanted to mention, though, was DR, head of POV. I don't know how to contact him, although some time spent with Google might be fruitful. If anyone would have anything of Voyeur 2, it would be him.

And I'm sure he has some good stories to tell. I also remembered that RN has a website where she promotes her art career, and oddly makes no mention of CDi at all in her biography. She can give you the entire history of Kidspace and Sidewalk Studios. I also have a suggestion concerning SS. She has authored several books on education and child development. Last I heard of SS she was with Leap Frog, the education toy company, although I don't think she's there now."

Can you share some details about the 'lost' Philips Studio: Philips Kaleidoscope?

"Actually, Kaleidoscope started in 1994, overlapping my work on Merlin and Labyrinth for Funhouse. I managed to form my own group in order to continue doing children's titles for Sarina Simon after Cliff Johnson announced that he would no longer be doing children's titles. It started and, unfortunately, ended with Oz, although we had done a couple of concept write-up s for other discs. There were actually three buildings at the time Kaleidoscope was formed, all on Santa Monica Boulevard. We had several executive offices in one (that was where Gordon Stuhlberg, and Bernie Kaufman were), and we comepletely leased out one, and had the entire third floor of the other for production space.

We all moved around a lot among those buildings until the executives finally decided to put us all in one building. There was talk of a warehouse in Santa Monica, which pleased those of us who understood that warehouse space is versatile, just what you need for the ever- changing demands of production. But we ended up spending the last one and a half years of our existence in a very fancy, very expensive office building on Wilshire Boulevard. I don't have pictures, but the building was nothing special. And it did serious damage to everyone's overhead budgets.

There was also a studio in Thousand Oaks, which is where Dave Riordan's group was, and another Philips-run studio in Washington, DC. So, I co-directed Merlin, and directed the character animation on Labyrinth. As a filmmaker and animation director, there are a few things I wince at, although only someone with lots of exposure to the animation business would notice most of it (I've been hanging around with animators for about 25 years; I even married one)."

Many thanks to Gordon Brooks, Cliff Johnson and another anonymous FunHead ;) More to come!


A New CD-i Webpage launched today! (update!)

>> Saturday, September 1, 2007

More updates this week in CD-i land with a very surprising initiative of our member RDJNL (you always remind me of AFX) launching his very own CD-i website. True, it's new and empty but the potential is again high! Who will tell RDJNL will finally give us all the information in one place, an aspect various websites have still failed to do. There's plenty of information available and we all know: Once you start, it's hard to stop! Hats off for RDJNL and we will certainly keep a keen eye on it. Details inside ;)

RDJNL: "This summer I spent some time learning how to make a webpage. I didn't know much more than a bit of basic HTML like 'title', 'p' , 'br' etc. But now I know there are various 'versions' of HTML and I learned about CSS, JavaScript and even a small bit of PHP and MySQL. So... it's time for me to build a great webpage! However, i'm out of time: the summer is over and I have to go to work. Obviously, while I was studying, I made a webpage to see if everything worked. I chose to make a webpage about cd-i." So if RDJNL will continue may be the question, let him know below to do so! You can already find some exclusive pins inside and a lot of CD-i cover art. rdjnl: "I initially created this page for study purposes. I wanted to learn more about building webpages. The website is the result of this work. There isn't much content on it yet, but if i have time i'd like to work on it. Feel free to share your comments..."

Update 02/SEP/07: "Sorry...not much content yet." With these words, another cd-i related webpage is launched on the first day of September 20007: this webpage! This page was initially created for study purposes. I wanted to learn more about building webpages. So I started studying HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript. The website launched today is the result of this work. As a matter of fact, this website is hosted on a PHP enabled server. I'm just beginning to understand why I would want to use this. Hopefully I can build an even better cd-i website in the future...!

I hope you enjoy visiting this website just as much as I did creating it! You can already find plenty of cd-i cover art on the 'software' page of this site, but let me make a start with my cd-i story on this main page... Let's start with the beginning: when I got my cd-i machine many years back. To be honest, I don't remember exactly when I got my cd-i machine. But it must have been in the summer of 1995. I happened to find this letter from Philips Netherlands, dated 27 July 1995. Take a look. It confirms our membership of the so-called CD-i Gold Club. If one registered with Philips one received as a gift the cd-i disc Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia for free. We also received the Dutch wordgame and TV Show 'Lingo' as an extra gift. At the time this was a new released cd-i disc, which was given away for free to new buyers of a system to promote the cd-i. The machine I got was the CD-i 450 system. The 'CDI 450 Tutorial Disc' was included in the box. Finally, I also got the Dutch demo disc called 'Alles over cd-i' for free. It was either in the box or it came with the Compton disc. I have forgotten. It was 12 years ago, you know!" More news? Visit "CD-i is Great"!

I just found this page, where you can easily browse through all the CD-i covers and titles. It works far more easy than searching for a picture in the image gallery of Le Monde du CD-i. This one goes in the same direction as the index of, please make it complete as no-one ever did that!

More website news (now we're at it) finally at wednesdays topic "CD-i is still alive! - Many many years after Philips gave up the CD-i and long after their last title was published, it is still obvious that the CD-i community is a very active and resourceful one. Not only the many CD-i related sites prove this, because a couple of weeks ago, a new CD-i game was released. Yes, indeed!" And plus, our own Interactive Dreams is hyped, we can't see that enough!

For these two updates, both surprised me. The CD-i scene has a fairly large website library, and it was even mentioned by Charles that the CD-i scene is full of energy and interested people. That's odd, as CD-i seems like one of the least known retro videogames formats out there. All our regular readers will know I have a close eye to every initiative that is started about CD-i, like the Eigenstart portal, The CD-i Technical Archive, the Philipscd-i page, the Sidewalk CD-i page, but unfortunately all these don't show a lot of life. It's true building a full website is a lot of work! Somehow I feel this autumn will be another busy time for CD-i.... ;)

source: RDJNL CD-i,


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NFL Hall of Fame Football - Philips POV
Othello - HMO
Pac Panic - Philips ADS / Namco
Palm Springs Open - ABC Sports / Fathom Pictures
Pool - SPC Vision
Pinball - CapDisc
Plunderball - ISG Productions
Power Hitter - ABC Sports / Fathom Pictures
Power Match - Two's Company
Pursue - BEPL
Pyramid Adventures - Compact Disc Incorporated
RAMRaid - PRL Redhill
Return To Cybercity - Fathom Pictures
Riddle of the Maze, The - Fathom Pictures
Riqa - Bits Corporation
Rise of the Robots - Mirage Technologies
Sargon Chess - Spinnaker
Scotland Yard Interactive - AVM AG/HQ
Secret Mission - Microids
Secret Name of Ra, The
Shaolin's Road - Infogrames
Skate Dude - Viridis
Smurfen, De - De Telesmurf - Infogrames
Solar Crusade - Infogrames
Solitaire - BEPL
Space Ace - Superclub / INTL CDI
Space Ranger - Studio Interactive
Special Operations Squadron - SPC Vision
Sport Freaks - SPC Vision
Star Trek - Philips POV
Star Wars: Rebel Assault - LucasArts
Steel Machine - SPC Vision
Striker Pro - Rage
Strip Poker Live - Greenpig Production
Strip Poker Pro - Interactive Pictures
Super Fighter - The Super Fighter Team / C&E
Super Mario's Wacky Worlds - NovaLogic
Surf City - Philips Sidewalk Studios
Tangram - Eaglevision Interactive Productions
Taco's Toyroom Troopers - Creative Media
Tankdoodle - Creative Media
Tetris - Philips POV
Tetsuo Gaiden - Creative Media
Text Tiles
Thieves' World - Electronic Arts
Tic-tac-toe - BEPL
Tox Runner - ISG Productions
Treasures of Oz - Philips Kaleidoscope
Ultra CD-i Soccer - Krisalis
Uncover featuring Tatjana - SPC Vision
Uninvited - Icom Simulations
Video Speedway - ISG Productions
Vinnie the Pinguin - Pandemonium Labs
Voyeur - Philips POV
Voyeur 2 - Philips POV
Whack-a-Bubble - Creative Media
What's it worth - Marshall Cavendish Multimedia / Spice
Who shot Johnny Rock? - CapDisc
Wordplay - BEPL
World Cup Golf - US Gold
Zaak Sam, De - Toneelschool NL
Zelda - The wand of Gamelon - Animation Magic
Zelda's Adventure - Viridis
Zenith - Radarsoft
Zombie Dinos From The Planet Zeltoid - Philips POV

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