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The Philips Vintage Weekend (Philips Museum, Eindhoven) also covered CD-i and will do again next year

>> Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Vintage Weekend in the Philips Museum (Eindhoven, The Netherlands) also featured CD-i again and the public could enjoy Tetris on a CD-i 450. It was the third time (already in April, so we're a little late :) ) that the Vintage Weekend took place and of course Interactive Dreams was there. Below are a few impressions of the last three years.

There was only one CD-i player available, and the legacy of Philips home computer systems is huge (Videopac, MSX, P2000...). CD-i was their final effort in the world of home consoles.

The next Vintage Weekend in the Philips Museum will be organised in April 2020 (we'll keep you posted)

 Thanks to these people we've seen CD-i included in the Vintage Weekend of Philips, here in 2017 with a CD-i 470. Above, in 2019, with a CD-i 450 model.

[Thanks, Philips Museum,]


Exclusive pictures of japan-only CD-i about the history of F1: Grand Prix Databook

>> Monday, July 22, 2019

A reference title about the history of F1 Grand prix racing, released in Japan only on CD-i and published by Japan Interactive Media

[Thanks, Candela]


Tutorial: How to set up the MAME CD-i Emulator? And which CD-i games currently work in MAME?

>> Sunday, July 21, 2019

Together with others we experimented with the MAME CD-i Emulator (here, with Launchbox). Let's have a look how to set it up and how you can try it yourself. There are a few steps involved when you want to get the MAME Console emulation up and running.

Since a few years MAME has a driver for the CD-i but support is incomplete, as it still doesn't emulate the Digital Video Cartridge (DVC) as of July 2019. That means games that require it like 7th Guest, Atlantis - The Last Resort, Creature Shock, Dragon's Lair and Lost Eden are unsupported. However, MAME is much easier to control, and its audio emulation is actually better than cdifan's CD-i Emulator in some cases. Starting the game from disc is recommended; this can be done with the built-in frontend by picking the specific game or through a soft reset after mounting the disc. It also has a libretro core, which makes it the easiest and the most stable method of emulating the CD-i currently.

Follow these steps to get MAME running:

1. --- To start, be sure you have downloaded the latest MAME 64 bit version, check it out here. (Currently it is at v0.211b)
2. --- Your console BIOS files are located in the folder titled "roms" and you have a file called "cdimono1.7z" (Your CD-I Bios for PAL device - the only one that MAME currently lists as WORKING, you can download it here (if the link does not work anymore, google "cdimono1.7z" and you will find several sources. cdimono1 is the only MAME machine that works currently and is listed as "imperfect" on sound and graphics. Basically this means some games will not work. The cdi490a, cdi910, cdimono2 machines are non-working. They will get stuck at the "aqua" boot up screen. Also found sound on some games was "crackly" and mouse sensitivity was very high/controls erratic. )
3. --- You have downloaded the MAME Software list (CHD preferably) torrent (to get cd-i to work with mame the files need to be in .chd format , if you are having trouble with bin/cue you can convert your files, check this link, or use chdman.exe that was included in MAME since version 206.) In principle, bin/cue is also supported. In practice, try v0.206 via Usenet, find the torrent here. But it's better to browse the list and find the latest one yourself.

The best way to get this software list is via a torrent. Look for 'SoftwareListCHD';
A--- Grab the torrent file and save it not open it. 
B--- Open two file explorer windows side by side. One contains the torrents you just downloaded the other you use to first open TorrentChecker then you change it over to your 'Philips CD-i' folder where you have your  ROMs CHDs and Software Lists in their own folders. 
C--- From there you go into each folder and copy the path paste that in torrent checker 
D--- Go back to the download folder and drag the torrent on to TorrentChecker and run the process. It produces a nice little notepad file listing every thing that is either missing or wrongly sized and it removes unwanted files. 
E--- Open the torrent in QBittorrent and since you have it set to manual on one of the settings it lets you go through the files in the torrent and download what you want and then download them to your updates folder. 
F--- Do this to skip the checking that the application does and it will just install the files without checking and this really saves a ton of time instead of trying to check it against all the files you already have (especially for the CHD and SoftwareListCHD torrents)

Remark 1: The regular CHDs are the game images you would play in an arcade, and the Software List CHDS are game images that you would play at home on a console or computer. Meaning 'Software List' is just another name for 'MESS'.

Remark 2: Your console games are in a folder with the title "consoles" and your Philips CD-I files are in "consoles/cdi" and each game has its own folder containing the CHD's. So for example, a game called "Battleship" resides in the folder "consoles/cdi/bship". If you can't get it to work: One solution is to simply throw everything into \roms. It's the least organized way to do it, but it will work, and MAME will be able to tell everything apart.

Remark 3:
If you have both Arcade and the CD-i (or other console) in your associated platforms, you should set up a different entry because they have different check box requirements in Launchbox. For some, creating a separate Mame emulator with the check boxes removed is a solution to get it working. (you have to uncheck in the emulator settings for mame/mess the boxes for "Don't use quotes" & "Use file name only" & "No spaces before rom")

Remark 4:  Per MAME/MESS setup for the machine these are the only extensions that will work with the cdimono1 machine (via -listmedia) :  .chd .cue .toc .nrg .gdi .iso .cdr 

OK, when you have the downloads, let's continue with the installing: (as example, we take the CD-i game Battleship, with the CHD's in "consoles/cdi/bship"

4. --- Start the (old/classic) command prompt, navigate to your MAME folder and type the following command without quotes: "mame64 -createconfig" (This will create the ini files needed to tell mame where to look for the files) 
5. --- Open mame.ini within the main mame folder and change the following line 'rompath roms' to 'rompath roms; consoles' Save and exit your text editor. 
6. --- From a command prompt, in the mame folder, simply type the following command (without quotes) - "mame64 cdimono1 -skip_gameinfo bship" and after a couple of seconds it will display a message about device accuracy not being 100%, hit (see below) any key and it will display a light blue screen for a couple of seconds then it will show the philips CD-I Menu, if you click "Play CD-I" it will launch your game!

Remark: When booting a game it will stay at an "aqua" colored screen for about 20 to 30 seconds. Clicking will not speed it up. Remember it is emulating the 1.0x DVD player speeds so everything takes awhile. It then should go to the "Philips" screen. You will see a "Play" button in the middle right of the screen next to the "Play CD-i" text. Use your mouse to move the cursor over to the triangle/play button and click on it to run. Don't move your mouse too fast at first or it can zoom across off screen and appear to be "hidden". Move slow and should see black cursor on screen.

 Hopefully this is straight forward enough and we will help anyone struggling to find their way.

Please note: If you see this message above, this is just a standard message saying that there are known issues with the emulation. The Mame devs put that sort of message on lesser well emulated systems so that end users are aware that there are issues before coming to them saying "hey, your emulation is wrong here".

CD-i games that currently work in MAME CD-i Emulator:

1. --- Link - Faces of Evil (seems 100%)
2. --- Zelda - Wand of Gamelon (seems 100%)
3. --- Zelda's Adventure (Seems 100%)
4. --- Hotel Mario (Seems 100%)
5. --- The Apprentice (Plays well, has few discolorations during title, just little tearing in gameplay)
6. --- Pac-Panic (seems 100%)
7. --- Backgammon (Seems 100%)
8. --- Caesar's World of Gambling (Seems 100%)
9. --- Pinball (Seems 100%)
10. --- Connect 4 (Seems 100%)
11. --- Golden Oldies 1 (Seems 100%)
12. --- Golden Oldies 2 (Seems 100%)
13. --- Lemmings (Seems 100%)
14. --- Merlin's Apprentice (Seems 100%)
15. --- Micro Machines (Seems 100%)
16. --- Space Ranger (Seems 100%)
17. --- Tetris (Seems 100%)
18. --- Text Tiles (Seems 100%)
19. --- Zenith (Seems 100%)

Every commercial game that we've tried that does NOT use the DVC will boot. About half of the games we can get to run have some sort of issue. For example, Burn Cycle is unplayable because the audio is so choppy (unknown problem for now). (I'll update the list of compatible CD-i software when I have found more compatible CD-i titles)

Finally, some more tips if things seems not to work:

Tip 1. --- Test your MAME setup using command line in DOS CMD window. This will help if something is amiss with your setup or command is incorrect since you can see the error. Once you get working then setup in LB. An example command I used to test by going to the MAME directory and running is at end of post. Adjust your path accordingly. The command below is identical for CUE files . Again, handy to test and see what is going on if getting black screens. Note you will see in the CMD window that CDIC.BIN and SLAVE.BIN have "NO GOOD DUMP KNOWN" errors. You will get those even with games that work. These files are associated with the cdimono1 machine.

Tip 2. --- When booting a game it will stay at an "aqua" colored screen for about 20 to 30 seconds. Clicking will not speed it up. Remember it is emulating the 1.0x DVD player speeds so everything takes awhile. It then should go to the "Philips" screen. You will see a "Play" button in the middle right of the screen next to the "Play CD-i" text. Use your mouse to move the cursor over to the triangle/play button and click on it to run. Don't move your mouse too fast at first or it can zoom across off screen and appear to be "hidden". Move slow and should see black cursor on screen.  I have looked and haven't found anything that skips this step. If the aqua boot screen stays up for longer than 45 seconds to 60 seconds, then the game is broken and will not work in MAME. 

Tip 3. --- Some games you will get an error splash screen that says something along lines of "you need a Digital Video Cartridge to play this game". MAME does not emulate this currently. 7th Guest, Space Ace and Mad Dog Mcree are good examples of games that will boot but cannot run without the DVC since they need the MPEG1 decoder in the DVC to run. Edit: see link on MAME Developer site on this issue.

Tip 4. --- Unless you do substantial remapping in MAME, this emulator is setup for keyboard and mouse input with mouse doing most of work. Clicking button mouse on many games is like "Start" on controller.

Tip 5. --- Once booted into a game, you will notice a digital/LCD looking "CD-I" at top screen. You can remove that by going into the setup menu in MAME. So TAB, Video Options and then select MAIN SCREEN only and not Main + LCD. Basically, MAME is also emulating the LCD screen on the front of the CD-i player which is basically useless for our purposes. It should save the setting in your CFG file so you won't have to do on subsequent games.

Tip 6. --- Once you know things are working then you can go back into LB and under the MAME emulator and enter into Philips CD-i associated platform command-line parameters: cdimono1 - cdrom

Please do not hesitate to ask questions if it still is not working. You can comment in the blog, or go to our Facebook page to comment.


3T Productions released a beautiful Cluedo CD-i package including detective score cards and dry wipe pens in 1994 (download inside)

>> Saturday, July 20, 2019

It was 1999 and I was walking in a local 'Free Record Shop', which was a place where they sold games and music in The Netherlands. In the window display they had a big box package of the original Cluedo on CD-i. I never actually knew what was inside and as I never paid attention to these digital boardgames, I never picked it up. Finally it was discounted for 18 dutch guilders. Of course I took it home, it was one of the final games I didn't have on CD-i (as far as what I knew that existed, anyway) - 6 detective note cards were included and also 6 dry wipe pens. The packaging was so detailed and when I actually played the game I was surprised of the quality that was put into this title.

They also sold the game separately, just as the follow up that The Parker Brothers released in 1995, including three new mysteries:

One thing that I learnt was that Cluedo on CD-i is a well detailed and fun game to play. I loved the specific detective cards that were included, what if you only had the game? You really need to write things down when you play it. Thankfully here you'll find the original card that you can download and print again yourself:

In the 1994 original you could play 3 mysteries - "The Hooded Madonna", "Happy Ever After" and "Deadly Patent" - in which you could move around the rooms, interview the suspects and try to work out who killed Mr. Boddy. The 1995 follow-up contained the stories : "Road to Damascus" "Blackmail" and "Not In My Backyard". These used the same actors as in the first game and again was filmed at Arley Hall (where the British TV Series was also filmed). 

The Cast:
Mrs White - Joan Sims
Mrs Peacock - Susan Wooldridge
Professor Plum - David Healy
Mr Green - Stuart Milligan
Colonel Mustard - John Standing
Miss Scarlet - Nicola Van Dam
Mr Boddy - Angus MacInnes
The Butler - Terence Harvey

[thanks, Bonnzai at]


Not all CD-i games in Japan were published by JIM, Philips also tried it by themselves

>> Friday, July 19, 2019

When Philips Interactive Media launched in Japan, they published some titles by themselves before or after they start the joint-venture JIM together with PonyCanyon and Yamaha, who obviously had more knowledge of the japanese market and took care of the japanese language. But it's interesting to see there are also japanese CD-i games published by PIMA (Philips Interactive Media of America). Let's have a look at the covers that we know of (perhaps not complete, but at least we have a source :)
So the games you see here were released in Japan in this design, by Philips Interactive Media of America.

[Thanks, Gamest for the awesome Japanese CD-i collection]


Something to tease your mind: Who knows Felix the Cat on CD-i?

>> Thursday, July 18, 2019

Catalogue number 8100250. More when it develops :)

It was a direct port of this eletronic comic book, in development on CD-i as well and meant to be published in 1995.


CapDisc was planning to release its Italian exclusive CD-i game "Go" in France as well with catalogue# 8120065

CapDisc released a local version of "Go" in Italy only with catalogue number 8150058, but this catalogue mentions a specific french release with catalogue number 8120065. These catalogue numbers are only given when a game is ready to ship, but as far as we can find, no other version of Go was actually released. Oldergames released a 'special edition' version in 2002, based on a beta prototype burnt on a CDR.

According to a colleague who worked at CapDisc, Go was not meant to be local release, but the release was held back due to 'problems'. Was it due to licensing, compatibility problems, change of business opportunities? More when it develops.


The source code of CD-i homebrew game "Super Quartet" is available here

>> Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Gameblabla about the source code of Super Quartet, itself based on the Frog Feast source code:
"This is the source code for Super Quartet on the Philips-CDI. To compile it, you need the OS9 C compiler as well as some more tools that you need to put in the img folder inside of src. You can find these at This will only fully compile on Windows 32-bits, due to an error in the C compiler that requests a unix path on Windows. This won't work on Dosbox for example (even though it can run the binaries) but /dd/ will default to C: on Windows. This corner case also still won't work on ReactOS. The source code is based on Frog Feast's source code, which without it, this project wouldn't be possible. Make sure to also have make.exe and to set the environment variable to C:/OS9C/bin. I couldn't figure out why the sound effects won't work completely so the related code is completely removed. I might put it back some later time though." 

Find it here:


CapDisc developed "Life & Times Of Winston Churchill" on CD-i in 1994 but never released it

>> Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Another unreleased title by CapDisc, developed in 1994 but never materialized. The website found this one, let's have a look at some screenshots. (until now not a lot is known about this title)

It is a reference /multimedia disc about the history of Winston Churchill. 

Read more about Winston Churchill here

And finally, a video including footage of the title:

[Thanks, videogameobsession]


What colors are the CD's printed top of your copy of The 7th Guest, purple or blue? It seems like more variations exist on CD-i

>> Monday, July 15, 2019

Some CD-i titles have slight variations in boxes or the CD print itself. Like sometimes the Philips shield is on the left and sometimes on the right. However, I'm mostly interested in the alteration I see with 'The 7th Guest'. What colors are the CD's printed top supposed to be? If I'm correct it's supposed to be purple for the game disc and blue for the soundtrack. However, I also have a couple of copies where the game disc is also blue. 

Were their multiple releases, or are these misprints or something? The 7th Guest did have different versions, but in my version both discs still have a different color (blue and purple). Is it a mistake, or a choice? recently took a look at the revision that the game received in 1994, and it seems like both discs 1 are purple here, so that is not the case here.

[Thanks, Seb &]


CD-i Game Cheats #3: Inca


A glimpse of upcoming japanese CD-i titles that were advertized in 1992

>> Friday, July 12, 2019

Interesting view on what Japan Interactive Media was planning to release on CD-i. Out of these four, we actually found two: Golgo 13 and Mah-Jong. Apparently Japan Interactive Media was planning a visual history of F1 racing on CD-i as well as a tour guide of Hawaii on CD-i.

[Thanks, Tanooki Joe]


Games 0-F

3rd Degree - PF Magic
7th Guest, The - Philips Freeland Studios
Accelerator - SPC/Vision
Adventure of the Space Ship Beagle, The - Denshi Media Services
Affaire Morlov, L' - Titus
Alfapet - Adatek
Alice in Wonderland - Spinnaker
Alien Gate - SPC Vision
Alien Odyssee - Argonaut
Aliens Interactive CD-i - Dark Vision Interactive
Ange et le Demon, L' - Smart Move
Apprentice, The - SPC Vision
Apprentice 2, The - Marvin's Revenge - SPC Vision
Arcade Classics - Philips ADS / Namco
Asterix - Caesar’s Challenge - Infogrames
Atlantis - The Last Resort - PRL Redhill (Philips ADS)
Axis and Allies - CapDisc
Backgammon - CapDisc
Battle Chess - Accent Media (for Interplay)
Battleship - CapDisc
Big Bang Show - Infogrames
BMP Puzzle - Circle (for ZYX)
Brain Dead 13 - Readysoft
Burn:Cycle - Trip Media
Caesar's World of Boxing - Philips POV
Caesar's World of Gambling - CD-I Systems
Cartoon Academy - Bits Corporation
CD-i mit der Maus - SPC Vision
CD Shoot - Eaglevision Interactive Productions
Change Angels Kick-off - HMO
Chaos Control - Infogrames
Christmas Country - Creative Media
Christmas Country - The Lost Levels - Creative Media
Christmas Crisis - DIMA
Clue - 3T Productions
Clue 2 - The mysteries continue - 3T Productions
Connect Four - CapDisc
Creature Shock - Argonaut (for Virgin)
Crime Patrol - CapDisc
Crow, The - Philips POV
Cyber Soldier Sharaku - Japan Interactive media
Dame was Loaded, The - Beam Software
Dark Castle - Philips POV
Dead End - Cryo
Defender of the Crown - Philips POV
Deja Vu - Icom Simulations
Deja Vu 2: Lost in Las Vegas - Icom Simulations
Demolition Man - Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Demon Driver - Haiku Studios
Discworld - Teeny Weeny Games
Dimo's Quest - SPC Vision
Domino - Wigant Interactive Media
Down in the Dumps - Haiku Studios
Dragon's Lair - Superclub / INTL CDI
Dragon's Lair 2- Time Warp - Superclub / INTL CDI
Drug wars - Crime Patrol II - CapDisc
Dungeons & Dragons - PF Magic
Earth Command - Visionary Media
Effacer - CapDisc
Escape from Cybercity - Fathom Pictures
Evidence - Microids
Falco & Donjon & The Sword of Inoxybur - BMi / Zephyr Studio
Family Games I - DIMA
Family Games II - Junk Food Jive - DIMA
Felix the Cat - Philips Sidewalk Studio
Flashback - Delphine/Tiertex (for US Gold)
Flinstones Wacky Inventions - Philips Funhouse
Fort Boyard: The Challenge - Microids
Frog Feast - Rastersoft

CD-i Games Index G-M

Go - CapDisc
Golden Oldies - SPC Vision
Golden Oldies II - SPC Vision
Golgo 13 - Japan Interactive Media
Great day at the races, A - CD-I Racing, Dove Films, Total Vision
Guignols de l'Info, Les - Canal+ Multimedia / INTL CDI
Heart of Darkness - Amazing Studio (for Virgin)
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The - Philips Kaleidoscope
Holland Casino CD-i - HMO
Hotel Mario - Philips Fantasy Factory
Inca - Coktel Vision
Inca 2 - Coktel Vision
International Tennis Open - Infogrames
Jack Sprite vs. The Crimson Ghost - PF Magic
Jeopardy - Accent Media
Jigsaw - Novalogic
Joe Guard - DIMA
John Dark: Psychic Eye - CapDisc
Joker's Wild!, The - Accent Media
Joker's Wild Jr., The - Accent Media
Kether - Infogrames
Kingdom - The far reaches - CapDisc
Kingdom 2 - Shadoan - CapDisc
Labyrinth of Crete - Philips Funhouse
Laser Lords - Spinnaker
Last Bounty Hunter, The - CapDisc
Legend of the Fort - Microids
Lemmings - DMA Design / Psygnosis
Lettergreep - Wigant Interactive Media
Lingo - SPC Vision
Link - The faces of evil - Animation Magic
Lion King, The - Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Litil Divil - Gremlin Graphics
Litil Divil 2: Limbo Years - Gremlin Graphics
Lords of the rising sun - Philips POV
Lost Eden - Cryo (for Virgin)
Lost Ride, The - Formula (Lost Boys)
Lucky Luke - The video game - SPC Vision
Mad Dog McCree - CapDisc
Mad Dog McCree II: The lost gold - CapDisc
Magic Eraser - Circle (for ZYX)
Mah-Jong - Japan Interactive Media
Making the Grade - 3T Productions
Man Before Man - Cryo
Marco Polo - Infogrames
Mario Takes America - CIGAM
Master Labyrinth - AVM AG/HQ
Mega Maze - CapDisc
Memory Works, The - Compact Disc Incorporated
Merlin's Apprentice - Philips Funhouse
Microcosm - Philips Freeland Studios
Micro Machines - Codemasters
Monty Python's Invasion from the Planet Skyron - Daedalus CD-i Productions
Mutant Rampage - Body Slam - Animation Magic
Myst - Sunsoft (for Cyan)
Mystic Midway - Rest in pieces - Philips POV
Mystic Midway 2 - Phantom Express - Philips POV

Compact Disc Interactive

Compact Disc Interactive

Games N-Z

Name that tune - Philips Fantasy Factory
New Day - Bits Corporation
NFL Hall of Fame Football - Philips POV
Othello - HMO
Pac Panic - Philips ADS / Namco
Palm Springs Open - ABC Sports / Fathom Pictures
Pool - SPC Vision
Pinball - CapDisc
Plunderball - ISG Productions
Power Hitter - ABC Sports / Fathom Pictures
Power Match - Two's Company
Pursue - BEPL
Pyramid Adventures - Compact Disc Incorporated
RAMRaid - PRL Redhill
Return To Cybercity - Fathom Pictures
Riddle of the Maze, The - Fathom Pictures
Riqa - Bits Corporation
Rise of the Robots - Mirage Technologies
Sargon Chess - Spinnaker
Scotland Yard Interactive - AVM AG/HQ
Secret Mission - Microids
Secret Name of Ra, The
Shaolin's Road - Infogrames
Skate Dude - Viridis
Smurfen, De - De Telesmurf - Infogrames
Solar Crusade - Infogrames
Solitaire - BEPL
Space Ace - Superclub / INTL CDI
Space Ranger - Studio Interactive
Special Operations Squadron - SPC Vision
Sport Freaks - SPC Vision
Star Trek - Philips POV
Star Wars: Rebel Assault - LucasArts
Steel Machine - SPC Vision
Striker Pro - Rage
Strip Poker Live - Greenpig Production
Strip Poker Pro - Interactive Pictures
Super Fighter - The Super Fighter Team / C&E
Super Mario's Wacky Worlds - NovaLogic
Surf City - Philips Sidewalk Studios
Tangram - Eaglevision Interactive Productions
Taco's Toyroom Troopers - Creative Media
Tankdoodle - Creative Media
Tetris - Philips POV
Tetsuo Gaiden - Creative Media
Text Tiles
Thieves' World - Electronic Arts
Tic-tac-toe - BEPL
Tox Runner - ISG Productions
Treasures of Oz - Philips Kaleidoscope
Ultra CD-i Soccer - Krisalis
Uncover featuring Tatjana - SPC Vision
Uninvited - Icom Simulations
Video Speedway - ISG Productions
Vinnie the Pinguin - Pandemonium Labs
Voyeur - Philips POV
Voyeur 2 - Philips POV
Whack-a-Bubble - Creative Media
What's it worth - Marshall Cavendish Multimedia / Spice
Who shot Johnny Rock? - CapDisc
Wordplay - BEPL
World Cup Golf - US Gold
Zaak Sam, De - Toneelschool NL
Zelda - The wand of Gamelon - Animation Magic
Zelda's Adventure - Viridis
Zenith - Radarsoft
Zombie Dinos From The Planet Zeltoid - Philips POV

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