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CapDisc developed "Life & Times Of Winston Churchill" on CD-i in 1994 but never released it

>> Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Another unreleased title by CapDisc, developed in 1994 but never materialized. The website found this one, let's have a look at some screenshots. (until now not a lot is known about this title)

It is a reference /multimedia disc about the history of Winston Churchill. 

Read more about Winston Churchill here

And finally, a video including footage of the title:

[Thanks, videogameobsession]


What colors are the CD's printed top of your copy of The 7th Guest, purple or blue? It seems like more variations exist on CD-i

>> Monday, July 15, 2019

Some CD-i titles have slight variations in boxes or the CD print itself. Like sometimes the Philips shield is on the left and sometimes on the right. However, I'm mostly interested in the alteration I see with 'The 7th Guest'. What colors are the CD's printed top supposed to be? If I'm correct it's supposed to be purple for the game disc and blue for the soundtrack. However, I also have a couple of copies where the game disc is also blue. 

Were their multiple releases, or are these misprints or something? The 7th Guest did have different versions, but in my version both discs still have a different color (blue and purple). Is it a mistake, or a choice? recently took a look at the revision that the game received in 1994, and it seems like both discs 1 are purple here, so that is not the case here.

[Thanks, Seb &]


CD-i Game Cheats #3: Inca


A glimpse of upcoming japanese CD-i titles that were advertized in 1992

>> Friday, July 12, 2019

Interesting view on what Japan Interactive Media was planning to release on CD-i. Out of these four, we actually found two: Golgo 13 and Mah-Jong. Apparently Japan Interactive Media was planning a visual history of F1 racing on CD-i as well as a tour guide of Hawaii on CD-i.

[Thanks, Tanooki Joe]


The nudality & fatality scenes in The Apprentice slipped through Philips Media censors & ELSPA stamped it "suitable for all ages"

>> Wednesday, July 10, 2019

On the surface a cute platformer with one too many anime themes, The Apprentice reveals itself to be slightly more than we ever imagined with a host of Game Over manoeuvres from Fatality to Animality and even the controversial Nudality scenes! Activated through cheat codes only published at Black Moon and Interactive Dreams before, it's doubtful this would have ever made it passed Philips Media censors if they had prior knowledge, but it slipped through undetected and the game was stamped "suitable for all ages" by the voluntary age rating body ELSPA.

Here are the codes to activate The Apprentice cheats: All codes must be entered by holding down button 2 and moving the CD-i controller as indicated.
Enter the following codes in the Game Over Screen to activate the following:

To watch the Game Over animations, enter the following sequence:
Fatality: down right left left
Animality 1: up right down left
Animality 2: up left down right
Nudality 1: right right down left up up
Nudality 2: left left down right up up
Nudality 3: right left right left down up
Nudality 4: left right left right down up
Nudality 5: down down right up up left

These must be entered before Marvin stops walking, otherwise the normal panda animation starts.

The Animality Game Over scenes:

The Fatality Game Over screen:

And the Nudality Game Over screens:

[Thanks, the team behind The Vision Factory, cdidev, Devin]


ICDI & Canal+ delivered CD-i version of French TV-show Les Guignols de L'Info, a follow-up was developed but for CD-i it was too late

>> Tuesday, July 9, 2019

In 1995 Canal+ Multimedia and Philips Media France teamed up to create an interactive version of the french TV-Puppet-Show Les Guignols L'Info on CD-i and CD-ROM. The game was developed by In Visio SARL and ported to CD-i by ICDI, the same team who ported Dragon's Lair and Brain Dead 13 to CD-i.

The Guignols de l'Info is an adventure game inspired by the famous show broadcast on Canal +. In a number of fixed screens, you play as a novice journalist. In your company, the glory is at your door ... Still must crush the competition! To do this you must constantly take a look at the level of the "gigamat" to see where you are placed. It's up to you to choose which reports you shoot and which ones you broadcast. It plays like a point and click adventure and is French only. The graphics display a fairly simple aesthetic giving the game an air similar to that of a cartoon.

The player embodies a journalist new to the World Company who tries to progress in the hierarchy to become the new presenter. In each game, the player, opposed to four other animators (among which Michel Drucker, Christine Bravo, Christophe Dechavanne and Michel Denisot) must carry out reports on various personalities.  The player will investigate specific objects, all presented in still screens. Check out the video below to see 

In 1996, they teamed up again to create a side-project based on one of the presenters of the satirical puppet show: PPD. He caricatures Patrick Poivre d'Arvor, former ancestor star of the TF1 channel.
The game was planned to be multi-platform including CD-i, but as CD-i was already declining in 1996, it was too risky to warrant a second try, so only the CD-ROM was released by Philips in 1996.

[Thanks, Steph, Abandonware France]


TAB Austria created the Quizard Arcades based on CD-i technology and now the protection of all four versions have been figured out

>> Monday, July 8, 2019

Do you remember the Quizard Arcade machines? These are interesting Arcades as they were based on CD-i technology; A fully operational CD-i 210 is inside and connected to a MCU board, built inside an arcade cabinet. The company behind this is TAB Austria (which actually still exists nowadays)

Team Europe describes it as following: "This CD-I based quiz-system uses an Standard CD-I Player and an external Jamma-PCB which is connected to the CD-I Player over the serial port on the back of the Player. The Jamma PCB has an MCU (D8751H) as a copy protection on it and by starting the game, the CD-I player communicates over the serial port with the MCU. There are 4 different CD-Versions for the Quizard (1, 2, 3 and 4) and a couple of different revisions for each version. For example version 1 got 8 different revisions (1.0 to 1.7). To play a version you need the matching MCU for it! So to play any revision of version 1 you a need an MCU for version 1. The same goes for version 2, 3 and 4. So you can not play a version 1 CD with the MCU from version 4..."

So what you see here is a MCU board. It is basically a chip with a CPU and eprom chip inside. This chip is protected with a lock bit so you can't read the eprom data part. The only way to get around this protection is by decapping the chip: Open the chip and delete the lock bit with UV light. After this reset you can read the eprom part again. You should protect the eprom part before using the uv eraser as this part is very sensitive... If the process went right you can make a dump of the eprom now, using it in MAME to emulate it.

TAB Austria created 4 Quizard games on CD-i. The protection of the first two versions have been figured out thanks to Harmonious Code, but version 3 and 4 refused to run until now.
The first two versions run in MAME and CD-i Emulator, so you can try them yourself (without the hassle of a MCU board. But that was not the case with version 3 and 4.

These Quizard CD-i discs were pressed in 1998! That means in 1998 the Arcades were still supported by this CD-i technology.

Above: Quizard 2

Above: Quizard 3

Above: Quizard 4

Team Europe about the protection: "Harmony got the Version 1 and 2 fully working, by hacking/patching the copy protection and without a dump of the MCU! Version 3 and 4 are bootable, but crash after you press START.So we tought, that the copy protections from version 3 and 4 are more complex and the game needs some other values from the MCU to get it fully working... 6 years fast forward....CAPS0ff is doing fantastic work with decapping MCU's and other stuff! And i nearly look daily on their blog to see if new magic happened! But i was also fascinated about the work they have done with the D8751 MCU's, and how it was possible to de-secure the lock bit! I got so fascinated that i had to try it myself, as i have a couple of D8751's for the Version 4 here. So basically no big deal if one get's broken. So i heated the top of the chip at about 330° for about 20 seconds, and used a flat screwdriver to remove the top of the chip. Before I could erase the lock bit, i had to cover the eprom part with something, i did not have professional uv opaque material (like CAPS0ff), so i used electrical tape which i cut to the correct size. thx to the blog of CAPS0ff i basically knew were the lock bit is located... so the chip was now ready for the uv eraser! 15 minutes later i tried dumping it and voila i got consistent reads! --> and yes, the chip was locked before, only giving FF's when reading..."

They made a modified MCU board so you can turn almost every CD-i player into an arcade machine.
And got one and tried it here.

Inside the Quizard arcade machine you can find a CD-i 210 player:

There are several versions of the Quizard cabinets. Here you'll find the first version and the third version:

[Thanks, Team Europe,, Harmonious Code (Harmony), CAPSOff]


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