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Does your CD-i player still work?

>> Sunday, February 28, 2010

You all notice the world of CD-i is pretty quiet lately and we all fear the day of more CD-i players show errors with empty batteries, short-circuit boards, non-opening cd-trays, malfunctioning displays, etcetera. I wouldn't recommend buying a CD-i players these days anymore unless you like to hobby some, because knowing the age of the players I am afraid a lot can go wrong with it. Thankfully my own 490 player still works flawless, but I don't use it a lot. Does your player still work? There's a new poll on the right, and that's it for the coming days here on Interactive Dreams. More when news develops!


Most visitors are long-time CD-i followers

It was an interesting find to see most visitors are actually following CD-i since they bought it first hand in the Ninetees. Perhaps that was a predictable answer, and I see the same thing on the forum: All new registered people disappear within a few months. The only hardcore regulars registered when the forum opened in 2005 and/or were active on the former Black Moon Project Forum. So there you go: Interactive Dreams mostly serves as a trip down memory lane for those who love CD-i for over ten years, perhas 15 years.


The lost Pac-Panic CD-i intro movie

>> Sunday, February 21, 2010

The movie that never was. Without a doubt it was the introductory animation to Lemmings that put Johnny Wood on the map for his creative playful approach to game design bringing an extra incentive to the CD-i version of this multi-platform franchise. Given exclusive access to the design documents for the CD-i conversion of Pac-Panic we can reveal that the same treatment was planned for this game. Stating that amongst other enhancements the CD-i conversion would have a 60 second RL7 animation introducing the game. It's estimated that this would take 2 weeks to implement and in a business where time was money the powers that be decided to cut this feature. Fortunately for us a storyboard of this proposed introduction was sketched by Johnny complete with a rough plot to promote the idea as follows... Pacman Returns - MegaPie Factory: 1. Boy delivers paper to Pac house. 2. Lands on mat. 3. Pac Dog gets it. 4. Pac Man walks followed by baby. 5. Hand operates door. 6. Pac Mobile springs open - No start. 7. Pac Man loads power pills. 8. Pac Man on gear stick. 9. Pac Mobile 'Revs' up. 10. Zooms out of shot, with PAC-PANIC number plate, "Pac-Baby" spotted on board. 11. Driving shots. 12. Pulls up at warehouse "Pacmans Mega Pie Factory". 13. Pacman opens upto amazing pie machine, walks past. 14. Conveyor belt runs. 15. Eyes pop behind changing, cherries etc (lemons). 16. Crates go to stack, eyes twinkle behind them. 17. Pac Man goes into secret doors, magic glowing crate. 18. Suddenly it gets hoisted up, as he locks up something kicks him in and slams door. 19. Stars. He turns and bangs. 20. Ghosts outside brick it up laughing. 21. Pac jumps up for crate, no luck... 22. Ghosts dance etc... 23. Ghosts put crate onto stack? Still on rope conveyor, 1 pill rolls out. 24. Hand grabs them from crate, they whoosh in, eyes pop out. 25. All other ghosts look up (?!) whats going on. 26. Pac Baby leaps out, chews dummy, ties sheets together. 27. Does the "Loverman" trick, knocking power pills down line. 28. Above trap, she swipes it open, and they all fall into tank. 29. Ghosts gulp look at each other "chomp" chomp... 30. Cut to ghosts a burp is heard. 31. Tank starts rumbling and glowing. 32. Short pause. 33. Smash - Pac is Back!

Confused? We asked Johnny about Pacmans 'MegaPie Factory' inspired writings! "It's interesting to see the script... There's a story behind Mega Pies. I dont even remember this script! When we were at the ADS, we'd go to the supermarket to get pies (which we lived off). A friend from the midlands was round, the prop maker for the Guns (see Interview with Johnny Wood 'Rethink that Deadline' memo). There became a bit of a challenge amongst him and myself to find the largest, lardiest pie on sale. Which we called the mythical 'Megapie'! One day he won, he'd gone to liddle or some cheap supermarket and bought this pie. He drew it out of the bag... and said 'Behold... The MEGAPIE"... And sure enough it did actually say Megapie on the label! Another 'you have to have been there' anecdote."

This article was made by The Black Moon Project, Devin, Johnny (all are asleep, wake up!)


Flashback....... to 1991

CUT TO THE CHASE: ''Flashback''... to 1991, when a game like this would have seemed interesting.

Somebody in the CD-i community must have offended the gods of software conversions. In one year we're not only lost promised conversions of Rebel Assault and Microcosm, but now we've gained this dud.

Flashback is a hybrid platform-and-adventure game. You run and jump around various platforms, picking up objects and blasting the bad guys. It's like a million other ''serious'' platform games you've seen on the Genesis, like Jurassic Park, X-Men, and Comix Zone. Well, except that those games were occasionally interesting.

Perhaps more than anything else, Flashback reminds me of Prince of Persia on the Mac and PC. Its difficult controls are better suited to two hands on a keyboard than a joystick with three buttons. For example, a move to run, jump, and catch the platform above requires an a-button, joypad right (or left), hold the button, and move the button up. CD-i games traditionally haven't had very responsive controls, and the quick, obtuse moves needed here exacerbate that.

One other note on the controls -- a controller with a ''three'' button, which on the CD-i means ''one and two together'', is an absolute necessity. Without it, you won't be able to reliably draw your gun, or whatever other action you've assigned to the button.

Story-wise, this game puts you in the character of Conrad Hart, a special agent who's discovered aliens are living among humans on Earth. He's captured and shipped off-world, his memory erased. After a failed escape attempt, he awakes in a jungle.

This is where you come in. You run, jump, and shoot your way from level to level, meeting people, picking up and using useful objects, trying to find your way out of this ersatz Total Recall.

The levels themselves are huge, made up of dozens of inter-linked screens of climbing and shooting challenges. Flaunting the trend since Sonic, the game doesn't scroll. For some reason, the CD-i version also features two thick green bands down the side of the screen. Note to Delphine: putting the inventory of objects or a map in the bands would have made them less annoying.

Speaking of letterbox-style bands, the CD-i version features brief computer-animated clips that show Conrad picking up objects, using them, etc. These clips are barely half the size of the screen, and many of them last two seconds or less, making them shorter than the spin-up-the-CD black-outs that precede and follow them. The animations end up being a let-down -- it's hard to believe this game came after Burn:Cycle and Escape From CyberCity, both base-case games with far better animation and video.

So, you run, you jump, you shoot. There are a few interesting puzzles involving the use of various devices (keeping elevators in place, opening doors, etc.), but it's a slow-moving game with little to recommend it. Platform fans would be far better off playing The Apprentice, with its much faster action, or Zelda.

Credits: Chris Adamson


The latest version of The 7th Guest CD-i

The 7th Guest on CD-i was plagued by some design differences between all CD-i players that came along 1993-1994-1995. It appeared the game ran fine on the first generation of CD-i players, but showed some hang-ups on newer players. As the game was converted by a true Philips studio, the company was forced to release an update. But as CD-i in general wasn't able to allow software patches, the whole disc had to be re-pressed. That's what they did in 1995: While the original Philips Studio was already closed down the leftovers in Redhill (UK) published an update and sent out new copies of the game. To make a difference from the original Philips released the newer version in a Video CD jewelcase instead of the official CD-i logo jewelcase. Like this. Hunt it down if you have trouble playing The 7th Guest on your CD-i player.


Video Review of Zelda on CD-i

>> Tuesday, February 16, 2010

By Halfblindgamer, who we know of more cd-i video reviews here on Interactive Dreams. Seb: "I think many of you will agree here when I say that the Zelda games by Animation Magic get more negative coverage lately then they really deserve. Well, I do review CD-i games, and this time I decided to take a look at the Zelda platsformer games on CD-i. Like always I try to bring over my objective opinion, and I personally don't find the games nearly as bad as people generally make them out to be. Hope you enjoy the video and please let me know what you think. I'm always interested to hear other opinions!"


Games 0-F

3rd Degree - PF Magic
7th Guest, The - Philips Freeland Studios
Accelerator - SPC/Vision
Adventure of the Space Ship Beagle, The - Denshi Media Services
Affaire Morlov, L' - Titus
Alfapet - Adatek
Alice in Wonderland - Spinnaker
Alien Gate - SPC Vision
Alien Odyssee - Argonaut
Aliens Interactive CD-i - Dark Vision Interactive
Ange et le Demon, L' - Smart Move
Apprentice, The - SPC Vision
Apprentice 2, The - Marvin's Revenge - SPC Vision
Arcade Classics - Philips ADS / Namco
Asterix - Caesar’s Challenge - Infogrames
Atlantis - The Last Resort - PRL Redhill (Philips ADS)
Axis and Allies - CapDisc
Backgammon - CapDisc
Battle Chess - Accent Media (for Interplay)
Battleship - CapDisc
Big Bang Show - Infogrames
BMP Puzzle - Circle (for ZYX)
Brain Dead 13 - Readysoft
Burn:Cycle - Trip Media
Caesar's World of Boxing - Philips POV
Caesar's World of Gambling - CD-I Systems
Cartoon Academy - Bits Corporation
CD-i mit der Maus - SPC Vision
CD Shoot - Eaglevision Interactive Productions
Change Angels Kick-off - HMO
Chaos Control - Infogrames
Christmas Country - Creative Media
Christmas Country - The Lost Levels - Creative Media
Christmas Crisis - DIMA
Clue - 3T Productions
Clue 2 - The mysteries continue - 3T Productions
Connect Four - CapDisc
Creature Shock - Argonaut (for Virgin)
Crime Patrol - CapDisc
Crow, The - Philips POV
Cyber Soldier Sharaku - Japan Interactive media
Dame was Loaded, The - Beam Software
Dark Castle - Philips POV
Dead End - Cryo
Defender of the Crown - Philips POV
Deja Vu - Icom Simulations
Deja Vu 2: Lost in Las Vegas - Icom Simulations
Demolition Man - Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Demon Driver - Haiku Studios
Discworld - Teeny Weeny Games
Dimo's Quest - SPC Vision
Domino - Wigant Interactive Media
Down in the Dumps - Haiku Studios
Dragon's Lair - Superclub / INTL CDI
Dragon's Lair 2- Time Warp - Superclub / INTL CDI
Drug wars - Crime Patrol II - CapDisc
Dungeons & Dragons - PF Magic
Earth Command - Visionary Media
Effacer - CapDisc
Escape from Cybercity - Fathom Pictures
Evidence - Microids
Falco & Donjon & The Sword of Inoxybur - BMi / Zephyr Studio
Family Games I - DIMA
Family Games II - Junk Food Jive - DIMA
Felix the Cat - Philips Sidewalk Studio
Flashback - Delphine/Tiertex (for US Gold)
Flinstones Wacky Inventions - Philips Funhouse
Fort Boyard: The Challenge - Microids
Frog Feast - Rastersoft

CD-i Games Index G-M

Go - CapDisc
Golden Oldies - SPC Vision
Golden Oldies II - SPC Vision
Golgo 13 - Japan Interactive Media
Great day at the races, A - CD-I Racing, Dove Films, Total Vision
Guignols de l'Info, Les - Canal+ Multimedia / INTL CDI
Heart of Darkness - Amazing Studio (for Virgin)
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The - Philips Kaleidoscope
Holland Casino CD-i - HMO
Hotel Mario - Philips Fantasy Factory
Inca - Coktel Vision
Inca 2 - Coktel Vision
International Tennis Open - Infogrames
Jack Sprite vs. The Crimson Ghost - PF Magic
Jeopardy - Accent Media
Jigsaw - Novalogic
Joe Guard - DIMA
John Dark: Psychic Eye - CapDisc
Joker's Wild!, The - Accent Media
Joker's Wild Jr., The - Accent Media
Kether - Infogrames
Kingdom - The far reaches - CapDisc
Kingdom 2 - Shadoan - CapDisc
Labyrinth of Crete - Philips Funhouse
Laser Lords - Spinnaker
Last Bounty Hunter, The - CapDisc
Legend of the Fort - Microids
Lemmings - DMA Design / Psygnosis
Lettergreep - Wigant Interactive Media
Lingo - SPC Vision
Link - The faces of evil - Animation Magic
Lion King, The - Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Litil Divil - Gremlin Graphics
Litil Divil 2: Limbo Years - Gremlin Graphics
Lords of the rising sun - Philips POV
Lost Eden - Cryo (for Virgin)
Lost Ride, The - Formula (Lost Boys)
Lucky Luke - The video game - SPC Vision
Mad Dog McCree - CapDisc
Mad Dog McCree II: The lost gold - CapDisc
Magic Eraser - Circle (for ZYX)
Mah-Jong - Japan Interactive Media
Making the Grade - 3T Productions
Man Before Man - Cryo
Marco Polo - Infogrames
Mario Takes America - CIGAM
Master Labyrinth - AVM AG/HQ
Mega Maze - CapDisc
Memory Works, The - Compact Disc Incorporated
Merlin's Apprentice - Philips Funhouse
Microcosm - Philips Freeland Studios
Micro Machines - Codemasters
Monty Python's Invasion from the Planet Skyron - Daedalus CD-i Productions
Mutant Rampage - Body Slam - Animation Magic
Myst - Sunsoft (for Cyan)
Mystic Midway - Rest in pieces - Philips POV
Mystic Midway 2 - Phantom Express - Philips POV

Compact Disc Interactive

Compact Disc Interactive

Games N-Z

Name that tune - Philips Fantasy Factory
New Day - Bits Corporation
NFL Hall of Fame Football - Philips POV
Othello - HMO
Pac Panic - Philips ADS / Namco
Palm Springs Open - ABC Sports / Fathom Pictures
Pool - SPC Vision
Pinball - CapDisc
Plunderball - ISG Productions
Power Hitter - ABC Sports / Fathom Pictures
Power Match - Two's Company
Pursue - BEPL
Pyramid Adventures - Compact Disc Incorporated
RAMRaid - PRL Redhill
Return To Cybercity - Fathom Pictures
Riddle of the Maze, The - Fathom Pictures
Riqa - Bits Corporation
Rise of the Robots - Mirage Technologies
Sargon Chess - Spinnaker
Scotland Yard Interactive - AVM AG/HQ
Secret Mission - Microids
Secret Name of Ra, The
Shaolin's Road - Infogrames
Skate Dude - Viridis
Smurfen, De - De Telesmurf - Infogrames
Solar Crusade - Infogrames
Solitaire - BEPL
Space Ace - Superclub / INTL CDI
Space Ranger - Studio Interactive
Special Operations Squadron - SPC Vision
Sport Freaks - SPC Vision
Star Trek - Philips POV
Star Wars: Rebel Assault - LucasArts
Steel Machine - SPC Vision
Striker Pro - Rage
Strip Poker Live - Greenpig Production
Strip Poker Pro - Interactive Pictures
Super Fighter - The Super Fighter Team / C&E
Super Mario's Wacky Worlds - NovaLogic
Surf City - Philips Sidewalk Studios
Tangram - Eaglevision Interactive Productions
Taco's Toyroom Troopers - Creative Media
Tankdoodle - Creative Media
Tetris - Philips POV
Tetsuo Gaiden - Creative Media
Text Tiles
Thieves' World - Electronic Arts
Tic-tac-toe - BEPL
Tox Runner - ISG Productions
Treasures of Oz - Philips Kaleidoscope
Ultra CD-i Soccer - Krisalis
Uncover featuring Tatjana - SPC Vision
Uninvited - Icom Simulations
Video Speedway - ISG Productions
Vinnie the Pinguin - Pandemonium Labs
Voyeur - Philips POV
Voyeur 2 - Philips POV
Whack-a-Bubble - Creative Media
What's it worth - Marshall Cavendish Multimedia / Spice
Who shot Johnny Rock? - CapDisc
Wordplay - BEPL
World Cup Golf - US Gold
Zaak Sam, De - Toneelschool NL
Zelda - The wand of Gamelon - Animation Magic
Zelda's Adventure - Viridis
Zenith - Radarsoft
Zombie Dinos From The Planet Zeltoid - Philips POV

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