Tuesday, May 4, 2021

A novel on 'Laser Lords' is in the works, starring 'Starlord Zendo', after CD-i member Mary Emma also created this Laser Lords speed-comic

Do you remember the original statue of Starlord Zendo? CD-i developer Spinnaker Software created a life-size true clay sculpture of Zendo who starred in this space adventure on CD-i. Exactly a year ago, the original sculpture appeared online in an auction and CD-i member CDi Queen (Mary Emma) won it. Mary Emma is a true Laser Lords fan and she has shared videos of repairing the sculpture with care. Now, she is busy writing a novel about Starlord Zendo. A different kind of 'homebrew' - but it certainly is! 

Mary Emma, who is currently over 29.000 words writing: "A little update on my Laser Lords novel, which I am still currently working on. Basically, it's about Zendo, who is the only Starlord in the Interzone who cares about the material plane. There was once another, Hadam, who decided to die and incarnate as a mortal, leaving Zendo, he doesn't quite understand what mortals are all about, so he trusts them too much. He gives Lysistrata advice to save her people, despite the reason for their star burning out being their assault on the Hiveans. He tries to help every side, which keeps backfiring because of free will. So basically we watch Zendo come to terms with maintaining distance while still interjecting some deus ex machina for his people. I think it's pretty interesting."

Next to the Laser Lords novel, Mary Emma also created this 'speed comic' of Laser Lords, which is also very nice and a homage to the Laser Lords game: (we think it is a beautiful piece of art and hope to see more of it!)

[Thanks, CD-i Queen / Mary Emma]


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