Monday, May 3, 2021

Philips CD-i was featured on the French television show 'Micro Kid's' including interviews with key CD-i persons like Jean-Claude Larue from Philips Interactive Media Systems


If you are from France you might remember the popular videogames program on television called 'Micro Kids'. On Youtube you can find various episodes. In some of them, also CD-i games are featured. CD-i member Candela looked into which episodes contain some interesting CD-i material, some of which are not yet avilable online... Candela: "I found some old VHS recordings I made in the 90s of a french TV Show about video games called Micro Kid's. I managed to identify some episodes using where also some other episodes are for download. Someone has uploaded these to Youtube as well.

The most interesting ones with CD-i sections I couldn't identify and are probably not yet available

  • microkids_1992-xx-xx_episode_unknown_1: interview with Jean-Claude Larue, Directeur Général "Philips Interactive Media Systems"
  • microkids_1992-xx-xx_episode_unknown_2: section about Escape from Cybercity
  • microkidsmultimedia_1994-12-xx_episode_unknown_1: interview with Didier Balik, Directeur de production "Philips Interactive Média France" about Dictionaire Hachette

Some of the other episodes on Youtube also show CD-i games"


On Youtube at least you can find the following CD-i being featured in Micro Kid's: International Tennis Open, The 7th Guest, Microcosm, Asterix: Caesar's Challenge, Chaos Control, Flashback, Rise of the Robots, Secret Mission. Obviously quite some CD-i games made by Infogrames (=also French). From what we could find, Secret Mission was the final CD-i game which was featured on Micro Kid's; International Tennis Open probably the first one. (The shows available ran from 1991-1996)

[Thanks, Candela]

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  1. Hello, two videos founded from this TV show dedicaced to the cd-i :