Saturday, May 8, 2021

Rare CD-i Records #86 - CD-i World - Erste Europaische Ausgabe (Valkieser Group, 1994)

When CD-i member Retrostuff shared the news about the unknown CD-i project 'Skybound', this came from the rare 'CD-i World' sample disc. The only picture available was an ugly watermarked picture at The World of CD-i, but thanks to our CD-i Community a beautiful cover picture was shared of the demo disc. On it, you'll find footage of The 7th Guest, Asterix: Ceasar's Challenge, International Tennis Open, Eric Clapton, Voyeur and of course Skybound. There are more kinds of 'CD-i World' discs available, as CD-i member Videogame Obsession showed us a while back.

[Thanks, Seventy7]

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