Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Try to find something CD-i related in the Philips Historical Products Museum in Eindhoven, The Netherlands - Now available as a 3d digital visit here

 Next to the recent software preservation efforts that are currently running in our CD-i Community, we'd often overlook the fact that there are hardly any hardware preservation efforts available, except for private collectors of course. The biggest CD-i hardware collection (that includes the discs) is without a doubt the Home Computer Museum in Helmond, The Netherlands. But Philips itself also has two museums in the centre of Eindhoven. There is the official Philips Museum, which is owned by Philips, but there is just a tiny single Philips CD-i 450 to be found here, without that much of info. There is another Philips Museum in Eindhoven which is called 'Philips Historische Produkten' and as Philips stills pays the rent, it is also a recognized place by Philips itself. Recently they made a full 3D tour for you to explore the place without physically visiting it, so now you can wander around spotting anything CD-i related. Let's see if you can find anything:

Enter the Philips Historical Products Museum here 

Who knows of any other place in the world that runs any CD-i related hardware preservation, like a museum?

[Thanks, Mieke Taphorn]

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