Sunday, May 9, 2021

You can now download the first demo test build of Nobelia on CD-i - The first new Homebrew CD-i title since Super Quartet was released in 2019

It's here -  CD-i member TwBurn has just released the first version of Nobelia, the first homebrew CD-i game since 2019 when Super Quartet came out. Jeffrey: "With some pride and joy I'd like to share the first demo build of my CD-i homebrew game Nobelia! You can download the disc image here. - I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences!" It is a first demo version, offering four levels and we welcome you all to test it and report any feedback. When you do, please always include your CD-i player and subtype. Of course, you can also download CD-i Emulator and test it on your computer. TwBurn: "If anyone is interested in checking out a demo build of Nobelia on CD-i, I've put it up on my Github - the ZIP file contains the cue/bin file which can be burned onto CD." And to quote Retrostuff, it is just the right amount of levels and variety of triggers to demonstrate the gameplay mechanics.

It looks like TwBurn experienced it as an easy task! How does he look back on it? Is CD-i a difficult platform? Jeffrey: "Hmm, tough question; I don't really have experience programming games, and getting started was quite tough. Documentation is quite good, but you have to piece stuff together yourself. The hardware is lacking, so to get very good performance out of it can be a challenge, my demo does not run smoothly all the time. Biggest hurdle is getting a development environment set up, only a 16 bit compiler that's very old and not always stable." - Of course, now we can trace the first errors so Jeffrey can improve the compatibility even more. By the looks of it, it doesn't run on NTSC machines right now, as Retrostuff shows us:

If you want to see how it runs, CD-i member Jorne/MrMii6 created a first video, testplaying this first build of Nobelia on CD-i:

[Thanks: TwBurn (Jeffrey) for all the hard work on developing this Homebrew CD-i game, and Retrostuff and Jorne/MrMii6 for their feedback/testing]


  1. Awesome news! I will try it right away

  2. Amazing, the only downside is I finished it in ten minutes! Can we expect more levels?

  3. Thank you so very much.
    This was much enjoyable!
    Never thought I would see something like this on homebrew cd-i.
    Days well spent in corona quarantine?

  4. Wow, it worked, it worked good! Please make more like this :) :)