Sunday, October 10, 2021

Reader Question: "I have a brand new CD-i 210 player, never used and still in its original packaging. Any idea what it is worth?"

 What if you have a brand new CD-i player somewhere still lying around, for about 30 years untouched. It is inside its original packaging, still sealed. Would it still work? What would it be worth? It's exactly what CD-i member Christopher Barrasin asks himself. Thankfully, the community comes up with some nice suggestions. When you want an estimate, CD-i member Retrostuff always recommends to share "details like photos of the box (incl. the label with full model number/EAN/bundle description) and your location" - as not all players are the same worldwide. In this case, a CD-i 210/45 is quite common in EU. "/45 is the UK variant. I'd say about 100 - 150€ max. when selling to EU+UK." - Retrostuff advises. 

What about the Timekeeper battery? "A Timekeeper that has never been used has the oscillator in stopped state - that means that it can last several decades in the right storage conditions. I don't know if CD-i players were delivered after a quality check (which means that they have been turned on at least once / oscillator is running) or not", according to Retrostuff.


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